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THCP – Scientists Discovered a New Cannabinoid 30 Times Stronger Than THC

2020 is starting off as a great year for weed. After legalization in Illinois and thousands of people getting their weed-related criminal records deleted, Italian scientists just reported they discovered a new natural cannabinoid that is 30 times more potent than THC.

There‘s a reason why we call cannabis a miracle plant. Besides the two best-known cannabinoids THC and CBD there are around 500 other chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Italian researchers studying a medical cannabis strain grown exclusively by the Italian military found unusual chemical signatures and decided to dig deeper.

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After taking a closer look, they succeeded in identifying and isolating two previously unknown cannabinoids, THCP (tetrahydrocannabiphorol) and CBDP (cannabidiphorol).

The “new” cannabinoid THCP is almost identical to THC, which we all know and love, but has a few extra carbon atoms on the molecule’s tail end. Those extra atoms seem to be what makes THCP so much more potent than THC.

THC, CBD, and all other cannabinoids work by binding to two receptors in our body called CB1 and CB2 receptors. Through those receptors, they interact with our endocannabinoid system to regulate all kinds of bodily functions, heal us, or get us high.

According to the study, THCP binds 30 times stronger to the CB1 and CB2 receptors than THC. The researchers tested THCP on mice and found that a tiny dose of 5mg/kg was enough to intoxicate them.

“Our in vitro experiments proved that THCP has a high affinity for CB1 receptors, about 30 times higher than that reported for THC in the literature,” Cinzia Citti, one of the team’s researchers told Medical Cannabis Network.

What does this mean for cannabis?

The study’s authors think that THCP could be the reason that there is so much variety in terms of effects from different strains of weed, which could help us get a better understanding of how cannabis affects humans.

“The presence of this new phytocannabinoid could account for the pharmacological properties of some cannabis varieties difficult to explain by the presence of the sole THC,” Citti said.

“The problem is that nobody has ever searched for these two compounds in cannabis. Maybe, the identification of THCP in other varieties could account for inexplicable effects not ascribable solely to THC.”

Citti also stressed that a lot more research is needed to get a better understanding of THCP and CBDP, as well as how they interact with our bodies and other cannabinoids.

“Everything beyond our preliminary experiments represents only a speculation,” she said. “Our main message is the importance to evaluate the exact chemical profile of a cannabis-based medicine and know each time the exact concentration of all active principles, otherwise it would be not reasonable to consider cannabis a medicine.”

Let’s hope this new discovery will lead to more funding for cannabis research and more great discoveries in the future.

23 responses to “THCP – Scientists Discovered a New Cannabinoid 30 Times Stronger Than THC”

  1. Dan Eder says:

    Do you deliver to NewZealand

  2. Terry says:

    How long a good buzz from smoking marijuana all we got around here in Virginia is garbage I want to get high what do you recommend for nervous and make you sleep keep you calm

  3. Cory says:

    Where can I buy this

  4. Sunday says:

    Wow this is very exciting news.

  5. David Altenburger says:

    When does it come to America? And can it be purchased at a local Marijuana shop?

  6. brian brandt says:

    “No one ever looked before” That is the most idiotic thing
    I;ve read in a long time, including Trump tweets. chemists have been sorting out what is in cannibus for a very long time, and these compounds are either NEW (almost impossible) or were missed on every single assay ever run on cannibus. I am a chemist, we use something called GC/MS, and the nice machines weigh every single atom, so theres no way they weren”t looked for, most of what we do is look for new compounds.

  7. brian brandt says:

    Also, a chemist in Israel created dozens of compound that were a hundred times as potent as THC, referred to as the “JWH series” I believe. Cannibus has never killed anyone, the same can not be said for synthetic CBD1 receptor agonists,

  8. Beyen welzig says:

    I live in Australia an struggling too get decent seeds please help I have alot of medical ailments that thc helps but Australia is so backwards please pint me in the right direction

  9. Melanie says:

    Terry, stick with Indica to treat the symptoms you have e such as. Purple Punch
    Granddaddy Purple
    White Rhino
    Bubba Kush
    Northern Lights
    Grape Ape
    Blue Cheese.

  10. Annette Hendrix Bowen says:


  11. Tyrell loving says:

    I just want to know where I can order the seed from I’ve been living with A pinch sciatic nerve three herniated and two bulging disc in my back and pain pills doesn’t work anymore

  12. Gary Wietrzykowski says:

    Seem like I would like try puff this hope it get my relief pain and my immune system and hope that would solution my immune system from that kind THCP!

  13. Glenn says:

    I’ll be the judge of this if it’s what you say let’s make some dabs yes sir.

  14. paddy says:

    its cannabis not cannibus 😀 this guys has an opinion about ” cannibus ” , ::D

  15. Chiefer says:

    We custom formulated THCp and other active cannabinoid, it will get you very well high compared to THC Marijuana, not having psychoactive like Marijuana. Sativa or Indica.
    More details LMK.

  16. Michael says:

    Tyrrell Loving, sounds like you need a chiropractor along with the smoke. Although cannabis helps with alit of different ailments it will not take your back pain away. It might make the pain tolerable, it will not take major back pain like yours away. I speak from experience with all the back, and health issues I have. When I started seeing a chiropractor, after the first few visits my sciatica, pinched nerves, neck pain, headaches, numbness in the legs were much better and within weeks I was just dealing with a pain scale of 1. I have had back issues and nerve pain for over 25 yrs before I went to chiropractor. Now , I don’t need an adjustment but once or twice every 6 months. Stretching along with back and neck exercises and a bowl or 2 I’m right as rain. Just say’n. Good luck

  17. Mike Oxlong says:

    Gary Wietrzykowski I’ll tell u this weed isn’t helping your immune system u need to be eating fruits and vegetables and not eat all that junk food and ur body will naturally heal itself just treat it right it will do the same to u. High thc content will just get u out of this world and have your heart pounding out of your chest. If u want relief stick to lower thc content higher cbd content. U need that indica dominant strain that knocks u on your ass n that will help u in the end, or u could take some good quality Indica and turn it into Rick Simpson oil for pain, anxiety. Cancer all kinds of shit it helps with. Good luck

  18. Ashley king says:

    Where do I get some of that then any leanks well help me

  19. Bruce Parris says:

    Any Good news Is good news/Blaze on be chill and stay a live…

  20. I am injured beyond repair. I compressed c-2 to c-7 and have degenerative disk disease. With a spinalcord stimulator and an occipital nerve stimulaton. Also have my pain medication removed because of others overdosing. I just want a better quality of life and THC and CBD is my only pain reliever. I love to garden but days it is too much to do at all. If there is a way to purchase or aquire some seeds of this or these strains,I would appreciate it. If you have a list of strains,that would be great.

  21. Charlene Ray says:

    Cannabis not cannibus

  22. Gangsta says:

    @Melanie thats such a basic list.
    stick to fucking Jack Herer and you won’t need any other strain , no strain is better for pain then herer and it so psychedelic

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