Does Consuming Weed Before The Gym Enhance Your Workout?

Does Consuming Weed Before The Gym Enhance Your Workout?

For a lot of people, getting high before working out may not seem like the best plan, but wait…

Recent surveys have shown that many people actually prefer to work out while high. Although there haven’t been any significant studies on the subject, it’s difficult to determine with any certainty how weed consumption affects exercise. Some of the alleged benefits include improved focus, greater enjoyment, and enhanced recuperation.

But one thing is for certain: it’s a good idea to use caution when combining cannabis and exercise equipment. It goes without saying that lifting large weights while inebriated can be dangerous. A lot of studies have shown that becoming high reduces coordination and decision-making while also speeding up reaction times.

Additionally, studies have shown that cannabis has an impact on the cardiovascular system, such as by widening blood vessels and raising the heart rate. Even while these side effects are mostly benign, people with heart disorders may experience issues, especially if cannabis is combined with physical activity.

However, it seems that getting high while getting in shape is becoming more and more fashionable. Eighty-one percent of respondents in US states where recreational cannabis use is permitted, including a majority of young males, favored smoking cannabis before working out.

The majority of individuals who approved cannabis use either before or right after exercise indicated that doing so improves their enjoyment of and recuperation from exercise, and about half reported that it boosts their motivation to exercise, according to the study’s authors. They also discovered that compared to individuals who prefer not to use cannabis at the gym, those who exercised while stoned typically put in more weekly minutes of aerobic and anaerobic activity.

Another recent study with 231 online respondents indicated that while just 14% of participants claimed to have a physical increase from cannabis, 45 percent of participants smoked marijuana before working exercise for psychological reasons. Of those who prefer to reenergize after working out, 36% claimed that doing so had psychological advantages, and 28% claimed that it helped them recuperate.

Thought-provoking as these observational studies may be, a paucity of well-designed trials makes it impossible to determine whether cannabis actually helps improve exercise and what mechanisms may be responsible for this benefit. Although this notion would need to be thoroughly investigated before any definite conclusions can be formed, it is plausible to hypothesize that cannabinoids like CBD and THC may help with recovery from exercise because of their capacity to lower inflammation and decrease pain.

Additionally, it has been highlighted that the endocannabinoid system is crucial in the development of happy feelings after exercise, or “runner’s high.” Although research released in 2021 clearly suggests that the body’s own cannabinoids, not endorphins, are what are responsible for this impact, scientists have been split on the subject for decades.

The authors of the study discovered that jogging for 45 minutes caused an increase in endocannabinoids in blood plasma and that blocking endorphin receptors in the brain did not prevent people from feeling elevated after exercise. This rise in the body’s own cannabinoid synthesis was associated with improvements in mood and a reduction in anxiety, suggesting that these substances may actually be a key mediator of the psychological advantages of exercise.

One could be tempted to conclude from this that cannabinoids derived from plants, such as THC, could produce effects comparable to these and that becoming high might therefore improve a workout. However, until adequate research has been done on the subject, such an assumption should not be considered as fact.

How do you see it? Does consuming cannabis enhance your workout too? Let us know in the comments!

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