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Study: Smoking Cannabis Flower May Be The Best Way To Combat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects almost everyone. Maybe you’re sore from sitting in your office chair during the workday, or you suffer from the aches and pains that come with an active lifestyle. Whatever the case, we could all benefit from some natural relief.

Many are already aware of the therapeutic benefits of smoking weed. An evolving body of scientific and anecdotal evidence supports the use of medical cannabis to combat chronic pain, among other health conditions.

Fascinating new research shows that smoking cannabis flower may be the best way to beat chronic pain, for good.

New Research Suggests Cannabis Works for Self-directed Pain Relief

This study, “The Effectiveness of Self-Directed Medical Cannabis Treatment for Pain,” comes out of the Complementary Therapies in Medicine academic journal. Published recently in October 2019, the research indicates how personal cannabis use can be a promising alternative to pharmaceuticals to treat chronic pain.

This study emerges as researchers now have greater access to the range of cannabis products available in dispensaries. This traditionally has been a barrier to this body of research. Federal regulations have historically limited access to the cannabis plant and continue to restrict research to this day.

With this exciting new research, consumers can begin to learn more about the efficacy and side effects of commercially available cannabis products.

Highlights from the Study About Cannabis Flower for Pain Relief

The study reported that self-directed cannabis use is associated with significant improvements in short-term pain relief. These findings make cannabis a credible alternative to traditional pharmaceutical treatment options, such as opioids.

Researchers report that smoking flower provides more significant pain relief when compared to other cannabis products, researchers say. Specifically, flower with a higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content appears to boast the most vital pain-relieving qualities.

The study reports that increased awareness about the efficacy of cannabis as a pain reliever could help mitigate the over-prescribing of opioid medications. Additionally, switching to cannabis flower could help consumers avoid some of the more severe side effects of pharmaceutical treatments.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Smoking Cannabis Flower for Pain?

As with nearly any form of medication, there are potential drawbacks to smoking cannabis flower for pain.

While smoking flower can relieve short-term pain, the THC content consumed will affect the body and mind. For example, smoking marijuana can impair your judgment. It can also slow down motor coordination. Both of these effects could prove disruptive if you seek relief during the workday.

Excessive cannabis flower use could also affect lung health in the long run. However, incorporating other products such as edibles and tinctures could help mitigate this concern. How? Because not everyone wants to smoke their medicine.

The Future of Cannabis Research

This fascinating body of research will only continue to grow as researchers gain greater access to cannabis products through regulated channels. Plus, there is a growing demand for this information as medical marijuana moves more into the mainstream.

While there is still much to discover about how cannabis can treat our everyday ailments, it is promising to know that smoking flower can help beat chronic pain. As far as medical marijuana is concerned, this research is only just the beginning.

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