Cannabis For Pain: The 10 Best Strains For Chronic Pain Relief

Cannabis For Pain: The 10 Best Strains For Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain is one of the top reasons patients are turning to medical cannabis. However, pain is not the same for everyone and with so many different cannabis strains, finding the best one can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of the ten best strains for pain, to help you narrow down the playing field. There are many more strains you can try and that are beneficial but we think that these ten strains are a good base to start with.

White Widow

source: Leafly

White Widow is one of the most popular strains of cannabis, and that’s for a reason. A cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica, this is a potent, but well-balanced hybrid, provides pain relief along with mild energy and an uplifting euphoria.

Commonly contains high levels of THC along with measurable amounts of CBD and CBN which help make this strain so effective for pain relief and relaxation.


A landrace strain, this pure indica provides a powerful body relaxing effect which can wash away pain and inflammation. Best reserved for night time application as the heavy sedative effects of a pure indica can lead to an euphoric, dreamy state and likely leave you nodding off for a deep night’s sleep. For many chronic pain patients, a decent night of sleep is a welcome very important.

Blue Dream

As a slightly sativa-leaning strain, Blue Dream is popular among pain patients as a potent hybrid suitable for day time use. The indica traits of its Blueberry heritage keep this strain calm and relaxing, while the Haze characteristics give it energy.

Blue Dream is considered to be creative and energizing while allowing a warm, body-numbing buzz which virtually wipes away the consumer’s pain.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is another balanced hybrid with Haze genetics, however, this strain is crossed with Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk, two powerful indicas. An excellent strain for pain relief without sedation, Jack Herer is frequently a choice for patients who need functional symptom relief.

Lab results have shown this strain has moderate THC levels between 18-23% along with significant levels of Myrcene, Limonene, Pinene and Caryophyllene – terpenes with substantial medical potential.

Bubba Kush

When nothing else will do the trick, Bubba Kush is where pain patients turn. With off-the-charts THC percentages nearing 30%, this strain is a powerhouse of pain relief. Although the genetics behind this strain are relatively unknown, Bubba Kush provides a wave of dreamy, muscle relaxing sedation which is highly sought after by cannabis connoisseurs and pain patients, alike.

Granddaddy Purple

A popular indica hybrid smelling of berries and grapes, Granddaddy Purple is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big -Bud which delivers a delicious way to treat chronic pain. This strain generally ranges between 17 – 23% in THC, but also contains a broad profile of other cannabinoids which help with pain as well. As a potent indica strain, consumers should expect sedation and relaxation after consuming GDP.

OG Kush

A balanced hybrid strain, OG Kush is a Californian original once touted to produce some of the highest THC percentages in the world. Although slightly sativa leaning, OG Kush provides a strong, body effect which melts away pain and inflammation. It also offers significant “couch-lock”. Consumers can expect a sedative, demotivating buzz which allows for plenty of time to heal.

Green Crack

source: Leafly

Despite the name, there’s nothing negative about this strain. Green Crack has developed into two distinct strains one which is more energetic and one which is 75% indica which descends from an Afghani strain and provides the same pain-relieving traits.

The sativa-leaning version of this strain may be beneficial for a more energetic strain suitable for social settings or daytime use.


source: Leafly

Harlequin is one of the most known CBD strains. Its effects are less psychoactive and more functional. High-CBD strains are commonly used to treat neuropathic pain and arthritic pain without any cerebral effects. Many patients prefer the mild, calming effects of this strain. This strain typically has 10% or less of THC and generally, equal amounts of CBD making this a balanced 1:1 cannabinoid ratio.


source: Resin Seeds

Similar in nature to Harlequin, Cannatonic is also a high-CBD strain appropriate for multiple neuropathic conditions including fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other pain causing conditions.

With THC content around 7% and CBD content reaching as high as 17%, this strain provides little to no cerebral effect but melts away pain, inflammation, and anxiety with ease.

CBD strains such as Canntonic and Harlequin are recommended for new patients and consumers, as the high levels of CBD mute the psychoactive effects of THC. However, the combination of the two cannabinoids together provides significant relief from multiple pain conditions.

Although pain can be a persistent, debilitating condition, these ten strains can help reduce symptoms and manage pain better than many pharmaceuticals without the deadly side effects. With the opiate epidemic spiraling out of control, these strains may provide chronic patients and alternative option.

We hope you enjoyed this list and as always, we would appreciate your feedback on our pics or other strains that should be included in the list.