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400 - 500 g/m²

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This strain originated in Santa Cruz, California decades ago. When Blue Dream first hit dispensary shelves in the state everyone was impressed with the nature of this sativa-dominant hybrid. Blue Dream flowers always grow in a light green, completely frosted bud that is shaped almost exactly like a miniature but bulbous pine tree. Another distinct attribute of Blue Dream is the fire orange pistils that can be found sprinkled throughout each flower. It is hard to miss it when looking at a strain that has been back crossed with Blue Dream, the buds will almost always look just like we’ve described.


Grow info

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid but the sativa level can vary depending on where the seeds or clones came from and the environment where the plant was grown. These flowers are a cross between beloved sativa strain Haze and the fabulous pain relieving indica strain Blueberry. This cross creates a divine combination with plants growing around 5’ high. Blue Dream is actually not too difficult to grow. Expect a somewhat short flowering time of approximately 60 to 70 days. Each plant will harvest around 600 grams when grown outdoors, but this strain prefers indoor grows. The yield will probably be around 430 grams per square meter for an indoor grow operation.




7-9 weeks
10-12 weeks
12+ weeks
250 - 400 g/m²2
400 - 500 g/m²2
500+ g/m²2
The hybrid cannabis strain is luscious right down to the smell and flavor. Each of the parents that make up this delightful strain shine through in the vibrant but musky aroma of Blue Dream. The Haze back genetics create a spiciness that is complimented by a sweet smell. These smell notes are layered even more with a deep, fruity blueberry. When turned into vapor or smoke, these individual scents combine into a sweet, subtle sandalwood with berry undertones.






Strain Test

When searching online Blue Dream shows test results from 15% to 22% THC. Since Blueberry tends to have a higher CBD content, Blue Dream can test with up to 3% CBD. Analytical 360, a Washington state based cannabis testing lab, posted results from a test done using HPLC in 2013 which show Blue Dream testing at 16.53% THC. These are the only public lab tests for this amazing cannabis hybrid.

One of the real standout things about Blue Dream is the balanced but intense effects it can create. The Haze makes its presence known first with a bright, euphoric buzz right after inhalation. Soon after, an awakening stirs in the mind as the effects make their way to the ocular muscles, this is when the Blueberry starts to really do its work. Slowly but surely the inflammation and tensions that we’ve been clinging onto in our muscles and joints subside. With Blue Dream, we are gifted with that real even keel hybrid that relieves our spirits and our physical pain simultaneously.

The Medicinal benefits of Blue Dream can be somewhat endless. This is because the lineage combines the most legendary of sativas with a hugely pain relieving indica. The result is a cannabis flower that can help with anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain and nerve conditions, and more. Just don’t attempt to use strain this for sleep.

Though this is a valuable cannabis strain, not everyone will love it. Anyone dealing with an intense anxiety disorder might find that the Haze lineage irritates our anxious tendencies. Similarly, this is not a good strain before bed because of the uplifting qualities it can have.
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