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Good Indica Strains Worth Trying!

A Few good Indica’s worth trying!

Indica’s are in general strains that are best to be consumed during the evening. They give a relaxing and calming stoned effect and are ideal for lazy evenings. Indica dominant strains are easy to find and have good resistance against cold environments. With good yields in general also ideal for commercial grows. We are going to share some of the tastiest and most terpy indica strains! 

Grape Ape

Grape Ape is the strain you want if you’re looking for a unique indica strain that boasts a heavy hitting THC content that is sure to give you a memorable experience.

This strain will provide relief from stress, pain, and anxiety due to the nearly 18-23% THC content that is very prevalent in Grape Ape. This satisfying indica allows users to feel a deep relaxation that will lead to a couch lock or deep sleep. Grape Ape is perfect for a night time relaxation session into the covers.

Grape Ape has a deep berry or grape smell and has a slight tinge of purple it’s frostiness. You will experience a full-body comatose feeling when cuddling up to this strain. More info here!



Prepare to be dazzled. There a Trainwreck coming around the bend! This hybrid is a sativa dominant strain with potent indica properties that create a balanced and clean high that offers the best of both worlds; relaxation and mental clarity.

Some say the name comes from its potency and that just a small amount leaves you feeling like a train just rolled right over you. Others believe that the name came from a story that depicts California cultivators pulling and relocating their entire crop a bit before it was time to harvest in the 1970s because a train wrecked near their fields and they were fearful of being “found out”. Others still believe that the cultivators paid homage to a notorious train wreck that occurred in their area that coincided with a very potent and high yielding harvest, forever memorialized by the name “Trainwreck.”

Whatever story you choose to believe, it’s time to get on board and hang on tightly. More info here! Want to grow this gem your self? Get your seeds here!



This amazing tasting strain is somewhat unknown still. Those who tried it say it is a great tasting strain! 3Chem came to existence when Topdawg Seeds crossed a Stardawg with a ONYCD. The Chemdawg parents in both of these strains resulted in a strong chemical citrus taste with sweet dough like traits. This chemdawg backcross resulted in a extreme high terpene profile that will make your tastebuds water on coming into contact with the wonderful aroma of 3Chem. More info here! Want to grow some Chemdawg? 

 Jesus OG

Jesus OG is the creation of TGA Subcool Seeds, a cross between Hell’s Angel OG and Jack the Ripper. While the name may produce biblical mirth, the strain itself is no joke. This strain is best known for its high potency that relaxes the body and mind while leaving you fully functional. The cerebral focus that many claim this strain to produce makes it an excellent choice for consumption during the day. More info here!


Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese has always been an interesting strain. While the aroma of strain is heavily rooted on the genetic side of the Cheese, a strong berry twist does play its part in creating a savory taste which has become a favorite to many. This Indica dominant (80%) will leave you feeling both relaxed and uplifted, making the strain a good choice for a mid-day toke. More info here

Gorilla OG

While the lineage of Gorilla OG is quite complex, with roots in Afghanistan and South Africa, it is essentially a cross between a fairly new, but award-winning Gorilla Glue #4 and the well-established OG Cookies. Gorilla OG is a hybrid super strain that is causing a buzz for all the right reasons. This hybrid leaning mostly to the indica side and is incredibly potent. Will leave you glued to the couch, feeling euphoric and relaxed! More info here!

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple, also known as GDP, is a powerful Indica dominant hybrid that is a firm favourite in the medical marijuana community for its pain-relieving properties. A cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud- both powerful Indica strains, GDP is also said to be a direct descendant of Mendo Purps, which would account for its heavy Indica leanings. More info here!



Somari Strain

Somari, sometimes also known as Somari, is a thing of ganja beauty you might only have the pleasure of experiencing every once in a blue moon. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some of this deep, dank, indica-dominant strain, do not hesitate to indulge.Chances are, you haven’t smoked anything like this is quite a long time.

Somari is a relatively new and exciting strain that, when first it made an appearance on the canna scene, it immediately turned heads. Not more than five years old, this dynamic hybrid already took home first prize at the highly esteemed Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2013 for overall appearance, THC content, and high.

Judging by the fact that this prize winner from Soma Seeds continues to be so rare and elusive, keep your eyes open for any traces. And when you find it, prepare to be amazed. More info here!


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