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Snoop: How He Remembers His Passwords Despite His Massive Weed Consumption

Snoop doesn’t lose it.

It’s no secret that Snoop is a massive pothead.

You only have to look at the many videos of him exercising with a joint in his mouth to see that. However, this habit does not seem to have had the slightest effect on his memory.

Snoop Dogg remembers everything

The Death Row veteran took the time to explain to Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that his weed consumption had no impact on his memory.

This raised a few questions for the famous presenter: “We all know what your favorite hobby is. How do you remember all your passwords?

Uncle Snoop’s answer is worth what it’s worth, but at least it had the benefit of making the social networks laugh: “Oh, wow. That’s a good question Jimmy. I’d say it’s telekinesis.”

Nothing extraordinary, as opposed to what Kimmel will say: “Telekinesis? You mean you can move things?” “Nah, I tell my nieces.” Rhyming words, Snoop will not have escaped the taunts of some of his peers regarding this release, including T.I., D Smoke, Skratch Bastid or Beenie Man.

Having confessed in 2012 to smoking up to 81 blunts a day, Snoop will have gone 164 days without smoking a Marie Jeanne in his life, since he discovered smoking: “The longest I’ve ever quit was 164 days. But I have a better question: when did I start smoking, and how long will my life be before I take the first drag?


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