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Vaping any Los Angeles cartridges is a treat. Read this LA Kush cartridge review to learn why this California cart brand is worth trying out.

Living in California is a stoners paradise right now. The state legalized recreational cannabis in 2018 and companies like LA Kush cartridges have surfaced with outstanding cannabis hash oil products.

Take your high to the next level with California grown cannabis turned into distillate oil. There are two places in California where cannabis products are known for being the best; the Bay area and Los Angeles.

A half gram LA Kush Cartridge will sell for $30, while a single gram cartridge costs $60.

Sixty dollars a gram is a going rate for a premium THC oil cartridge in California. This vape cartridge is worth it.

This cartridge has a lot of positive reviews online (check Weedmaps). In this review, we will let you know if you can trust these reviews.

LA Kush Cartridge THC Oil Review

los angeles kush cartridge review

This Los Angeles prefilled cartridge company has developed some ultra high-quality cannabis oil. The THC oil is a beautiful clear yellow color.

The best thing is the lab results are available for most of their cartridges. Their test results reflect high percentages of THC found in their refined hash oil. The average percentage is about 79%.

Lab results also indicate their cannabis extract oil is clean. I was able to get my hands on their LA Kush strain, and until this day, it was the best tasting vape cannabis flavor I had experienced.

Its all about picking out the right amount of terpenes and cannabis oil. It’s crucial the distillate or CO2 oil isn’t cut with too many terpenes which will result in diluted strength.

The high comes fast and stays for a long time.

The Los Angeles Kush strain was sold under the Brass Knuckles brand only once before. Their distillate easily defeats the Brass Knuckles vape brand.

Brass Knuckles had a collaboration with LA Kush and they sold out very quickly. Don’t just take my word for it. Their high-quality vape cartridges have obtained them a 4.9/5 from 531 reviews on their Weedmaps page.

You won’t find another hash oil cartridge brand with such an excellent rating from so many reviews. As you know, we all like to get brutal with our online reviews, especially when it comes to lousy performing prefilled cartridges. Therefore, this is an outstanding rating.

Cannabis Oil Review Score: 4/5

LA Kush Cartridge Review On Their Strains

los angeles kush cartridge strains

This brand has some exclusive combinations of terpenes. These combos developed unique flavors that you can’t find elsewhere.

Below is a list of their current strains along with the independent lab results for the THC content. Use the list below to find the most potent LA Kush cartridge.

As you can see, there are lab test results for most of them. Let us know your favorite Los Angeles Kush cartridge strain in the comments.

We tried the LA Kush cart and it had a natural and clean tasting vapor.

Strains and their THC % or CBD

  • Federal Reserve– 80%
  • Jackpot– No lab test available.
  • CBDiesel– 29% THC and 62% CBD
  • LA Kush– 75%
  • Purple Tangie– 76%
  • Strawberry Blondie– 78%
  • ILL OG– 75%
  • Kushberry Cheesecake– 76%
  • Black Gelato– 79%

Strain Selection Review Score: 4/5

Los Angeles Kush Cartridge Performance Reviews

La Kush uses vape cartridges that are perfect for vaping its distillate oil. They are using a popular vape cartridge that is becoming the new standard. It’s the technology behind this cart that makes it so efficient.

Instead of fiber wicks or titanium steel, they use ceramic to heat the cannabis oil. Blow huge clouds with little to no effort with LA Kush cartridges. It’s almost possible to get similar clouds like with a dab rig (with similar effects).

Cartridge Hitting Review: 5/5

LA Kush Vape Battery Review

Los Angeles kush vape pen battery

Instead of taking one full draw until the LA kush vape pen blinks, take multiple draws to achieve huge size hits. I recommend their vape pen battery because it doesn’t only look nice but performs well.

The no button feature is nice and convenient; it feels better to vape without having to press a button. I highly recommend the LA kush vape pen battery for beginners because of how simple it is to use.

This pen may be great for people who don’t vape often, but for those of us who vape a lot in the day, I recommend buying a bigger size battery.

LAK Cartridge Cons

From our side, there is nothing to complain about with these cartridges.

In an online review, one guy who claimed that his cartridge leaked. A problem other brands experience as well. Sometimes it’s not the actual products fault. Leaving most hash oil cartridges inside of a car on a hot day can cause the THC oil to become too thin that it melts out of the cart.

We also found another complaint about inconsistent taste. This is another issue that a lot of other THC oil cartridge companies have. Maintaining the same flavor profiles for all the strains is a very difficult job. Still, the LAK cartridges have a lot to offer and are almost flawless.

At the moment, this vape brand isn’t part of our top 10 best THC oil cartridges. However, it deserves a place on there and we will update our list soon and expand it to a top 25 list. Stay tuned!

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Final Review Score: 4.3/5

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