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A vast amount of new vape pens for wax have been released this and last year. The legalization of cannabis and its concentrated form known as wax has created more of a demand now than ever before. The wax pen continues to see improvement every year; it’s had its most significant leap in vaping technology in just the last couple of years. We identify which vape pens hit the best for cannabis extract. Learn from our experience and research which dab pen provides more value for your money.

Also known as the dab pen, for those wondering what a dab pen is, it’s merely a vaporizer for wax that is supposed to provide the same experience as a dab rig. They’ve developed a lot from their first-generation form using a wick to now using black ceramic wrapped with titanium coils. There are even coil-less options for those who chase after the best flavor. Read our guide to learn which are the best vape pens for wax in 2018.

A dab pen is for the more experience cannabis smoker because wax is much stronger in THC. There are vape pens for weed which are recommended for the new cannabis smoker since a weed vape pen is much easier to use than it is rolling a joint. Vaping cannabis is much healthier than smoking because you don’t inhale tar and carcinogens. Vaping is also more comfortable on the lungs compared to smoking cannabis in a blunt or backwood; it’s less harsh for the throat because it’s colder than the temperature of smoke.


What makes a vape pen great for vaporizing wax?

What makes a vape pen great for vaporizing wax?

We created this guide to help those who are new to vaping wax but want to make an informed purchase. It’s easy to get tricked into buying the best wax pen only to find out the marketing was a lie. Those who have little to no experience with a dab pen can significantly benefit from our guide and avoid wasting money on an inferior performing vape pen. There are plenty of overpriced wax pens for sale that should be avoided.

The most important part of a vape pen are the atomizers available for it. The atomizer is what turns the cannabis extract into vapor; it’s essential to find one made with suitable materials. The first-generation wax pens were built with wicks wrapped around steel. Vaping cannabis concentrate with them was not as pleasant as it is today with the many other (better) options now available. If you’re new to vaping wax, you’re going to want to continue reading more to avoid overpaying for a vape pen that still uses inferior vaping technology.

Vape pens cost much less today and offer much more quality then they did years ago. It’s truly the golden age right now for vaping cannabis concentrate. It’s only going to get better as more states legalize it and therefore the demand for vape pens will increase. This demand will drive advancements for vaping wax with a dab pen. While some vape pen companies have pushed the innovation of vaping cannabis concentrate to the next level, other companies are trying to profit with inferior vape pens still using old vaping technology.

The Dab pen has evolved into huge wax atomizers used on box mods such as the Eleaf. These atomizers are significantly bigger than the first-generation atomizers and can hold close to half a gram of wax. Those looking for the same experience as a dab from a rig will be satisfied with the new and improved atomizers for wax available. These wax atomizers are recommended for those who have a reasonable financial budget available because they are not economical (you will vape a lot of wax fast.

Prefilled THC oil cartridge vs. wax pen

Prefilled THC oil cartridge vs wax pen

There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these type of vape pens for cannabis extracts. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of prefilled vape cartridges and atomizers for wax. Wax pens require maintenance to keep the atomizer clean. If you don’t clean it, there will be a bitter taste when vaped. Many prefilled cartridges can be reused. Although, it’s not recommended it can be done easily. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of a dab pen vs. prefilled THC oil cartridges.

Prefilled vape cartridges are more discreet

Let’s start with one huge advantage THC vape cartridges have over wax pens and that’s being discreet. Cannabis may be entirely legal in nine states right now but it’s still not allowed to smoke the herb in public. We are not encouraging to vape extracts in public. However, many people do it anyway. There are prefilled vape cartridges that have added terpenes to mask the smell of cannabis altogether. If you add terpenes, you can replace the distinct cannabis smell with flavors such as pineapple and strawberry.

Prefilled THC cartridges offer more quality for less money

The price for premium cannabis extract can cost significantly more compared to the best-prefilled vape cartridges. A gram of high-quality sugar wax cost as much as $90.00 a gram, and it won’t last as long as a gram in a prefilled cartridge. Stiiizy pods are tested at 85% THC for only $55.00 a gram. Prefilled THC oil cartridges are recommended for heavy cannabis smokers because of the quality available at an affordable price.

One of the main features a wax pen has over prefilled cartridges is the amount of cannabis extract you can vape at once. It’s possible to vape more than half a gram of wax with some atomizers in just one session. A gram of some premium THC oil cartridge will average over 30 puffs easily. A dab pen provides much fewer hits with a gram of wax. Loading .1 of a gram for each session will only allow for ten sessions.

Another benefit to vaping prefilled vape cartridges is the battery will last longer. Atomizers for cannabis concentrate require a lot more battery power compared to prefilled THC oil cartridges. A typical box mod with a prefilled cart can undergo heavy vaping use without a charge needed for days. Not all prefilled vape carts are the same. We created a list of the best prefilled cartridges in 2018 for those interested in learning more about them.

A wax pen requires frequent maintenance while prefilled cartridges save time

If you don’t clean your wax pen often it will have a bitter taste when vaping. The reason is that old wax will remain and not taste so great. I found myself frequently having to clean my dab pen only after a few sessions. It’s easy to overfill a wax atomizer and get it clogged with too much cannabis extract. If this happens, it won’t vape efficiently and it will require cleaning.

It can be a mess filling a wax pen with certain types of cannabis extract such as unstable shatter, or even cannabis concentrate from a syringe. Those who don’t want to risk wasting any of their precious cannabis extracts are recommended prefilled cartridges. Other more stable concentrates such as crumble are advised to use with a wax vape pen. Ultimately its inevitable to waste cannabis extract with a wax atomizer because some will always end up as reclaim. Most prefilled vape cartridges will not leave behind any THC oil. However, there are exceptions with some vape cartridges that do such as Amber industries.

The best wax pen has innovated vaping cannabis extracts

The best wax pen has innovated vaping cannabis extract

Two companies have answered the consumers demand with improved wax pens that are American made. Materials used to make the wax atomizers for both dab pens are safe and provide the best vaping experience. We recommend the SOURCE vapes four series and the Sai atomizers. Both of these companies have pushed vaping wax technology to the next level. They are both affordable and offer more quality than other dab pens that cost more.

Lets first start off with and why they have the best wax pen. This wax pen company is frequently innovating new and improved methods to vape wax. They’ve made their wax atomizers from the same materials used on dab rigs to mimic the experience. A quartz banger is the most popular used tool to dab, has created a coil-less atomizer made from quartz glass that hits just like a dab rig.

They also have other coil-less atomizer options made from ceramic and titanium. These coil-less atomizers are heated with a ceramic base and do not use any glue. Kandy pen has admitted to using glue to make their most popular vape pens. The price for a combo set of three with the mouthpiece and base is $49.99, or they can be purchased individually. Those who value a great vaping experience will enjoy the different types of wax atomizers from offers the biggest selection of quality vape pens and wax atomizers. They offer much more quality than other brands with significantly lower prices. They also have innovated the best e-nail with a bubbler attachment. This portable e-nail has a standard 510 connection and outperforms the rest on the market. The price for this portable enail is only $69.99 and requires a box mod with a 510 standard connection.

The Sai atomizer comes from a California based company that has a huge online fan base. has a huge wax pen community and the Sai atomizer is frequently shown off and praised on there for its great vaping performance. The Sai atomizer for wax can be purchased on their website at This company has a passion for vaping and it can be seen with their innovated products. They offer three atomizers for wax priced at $44.99; this also includes the mouthpiece and base for the atomizers.

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