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Joe Rogan Post Malone podcast

Joe Rogan and Post Malone Do Shrooms and Talk About Aliens, Alligators Eating Kids, and Their Favorite Vegetables

Joe Rogan, the famous podcaster, DMT evangelist, and pandemic mask skeptic, recently hosted “way too rich to look homeless” superstar Post Malone on his podcast. In an intriguing and unconventional episode, both Rogan and Malone spent 3.5 hours tripping on shrooms, leading to a wild discussion on various topics like UFOs, politics, and hallucinogens.

Unveiling Revelations During the Shrooms Session

During the four-hour shrooms-infused episode, Post Malone made a fascinating revelation about witnessing a UFO in upstate New York during his teenage years. Despite this close encounter, the aliens chose not to probe him, leaving both hosts in awe and wonder.

Diving into Unfiltered Tangents

The shrooms session delved into various captivating subjects, including Post Malone’s choice of residing in Utah, his intriguing perspective on magic, and a discussion on historical figures like pirates and Blackbeard. The conversation also took a humorous turn, touching on alligators and dinosaurs, referencing an infamous incident at Disneyland.

Trippy Musings on Nature and Vulnerability

The podcast also explored cloud seeding, weather manipulation, and the ethics of playing God. Post Malone playfully discussed his favorite raw vegetable in a lighthearted moment, showcasing his witty and spontaneous nature.

Joe Rogan’s Perspective on Weed and Vulnerability

Amidst the trippy discussion, Joe Rogan openly expressed his love for marijuana, emphasizing how it makes him feel vulnerable, which he perceives as a positive aspect of his personality. The candid conversation highlighted the contrasting effects of various substances on individuals.

Post Malone’s Experience with Micro-dosing Shrooms

Post Malone shared his experience with micro-dosing shrooms, explaining how it gradually impacts someone until they take a higher dose. The entertaining revelation of creating a Coachella set while under the influence added a creative twist to the conversation.

Joe Rogan’s History with High-profile Guests

The episode with Post Malone is not Joe Rogan’s first encounter with guests under the influence. The show is known for its unconventional and candid discussions, including a memorable episode with Elon Musk, where a blunt caused quite a stir in the stock market.

A Fun and Memorable Shrooms Episode

Ultimately, the Post Malone shrooms episode offered an entertaining and lighthearted experience. The candid and open conversation, combined with the influence of shrooms, created a unique and unforgettable podcast episode.

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