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Select Cartridge Review: Excellent THC Oil And Vaping Efficiency

Select cartridges started in Oregon and made their way to California. We bought the product in the bay area. The potency of their Elite version distillate oil ranges between 75 and 95% THC and it will cost you between $30 and $45 for a half gram depending on the dispensary and amount of THC. The online reviews about this brand are mixed.

We also ranked the Select oil cartridge in our list of best THC oil cartridges for 2018. What makes this brand stand out from other cannabis oil manufacturers is its wide selection of popular strains. Inside of these carts is cannabis concentrate oil and terpenes.

Select THC Oil Review

Select oil cartridge review

This prefilled vape cartridge brand has different strength options available. They have a social version which is perfect for inexperienced users with little to no tolerance. Those of us who are after the most potent THC oil will not be disappointed with their Elite cartridges. I vaped the Elite version of the Trainwreck strain, and I was satisfied with the taste and strength.

Select oil offers a vast selection of strains. They may have a large number of different options, but there are complaints online about some of their flavors. People with a high tolerance will discover the high doesn’t last longer than 20-30 minutes. I experienced this along with others who left a review on the Select Oil Weedmaps page. Other cartridges provide much longer highs such as Plug and Play Vape and PURE Vape.

I also tried their Select CO2 mid-strength range selection and was not happy with how it tasted. You can identify these cheaper cannabis oil cartridges by the color of the oil, which is a darker amber color. There are a lot of negative reviews about these. Select oil cartridges have maintained clean hash oil with their products while others are being exposed to pesticides and wrong labels (lower THC count than advertised).

Select Oil Elite Review Score: 5/5 (There distillate THC oil)

Select CO2 Oil Review: 1/5 ( There CO2 THC oil)

Select Elite Cartridge Review

select oil elite review

Select oil vape cartridges are great at vaping cannabis oil when they work correctly. However, there are complaints about select cartridges malfunctioning and causing the THC oil inside to burn. The result is a bitter tasting experience. I like how these vape carts hit without draw resistance. It’s a shame you can’t refill them on your own.

You can purchase these cartridges from CCELL. They are known as the M6T model and use ceramic to adequately vape hash oil. You can also find similar empty vape cartridges on eBay. Five carts will cost you around $20 to $25.  

With Select Oil you won’t have any remaining THC oil, every last drop gets vaporized. Another nice feature is the fact that these vape cartridges are made from plastic and won’t break if you drop them. Also, their ceramic heating technology is patented. Now that we discussed all of the positive features from Select cartridges, it’s time to address the bad. This never occurred during my time vaping any Select oil cartridges, but people claim that cannabis oil can come through the mouthpiece.

Select Cartridge Review Score: 4/5

Select Oil Vape Pen Battery Review

select oil vape battery review

You can choose between two different vape pen batteries from Select oil. They have a pro version that is buttonless and with a 340 mAh power capacity. The other is the adjustable pro battery, this one requires a button to be pressed to vape and has a 400 mAh battery capacity. These are some excellent vape pen battery options for those who don’t vape a lot. Those who vape cannabis oil heavily will benefit more from options outside of Select oil.

These vape pen batteries from Select oil can vape other prefilled cartridges with a 510 thread connection. They’re better vape pen battery options available from third-party companies such as CCELL. I recommend the CCELL palm batter to use with Select Oil for an optimized vaping experience. It’s important to remember that this battery was designed by the people who made the Select oil cartridge, so it was intended to vape this cartridge specifically.

Select Vape Pen Battery Review Score: 3/5

Select Cartridges Review Conclusion

We are interested in learning what Select oil cartridges our readers have tried and their experience with them. Did you have a positive experience vaping a Select oil cartridge or was it not so pleasant? I would rebuy a Select oil cartridge only if I can get it for $30 a gram or less. I wouldn’t say this cannabis oil is worth anything more than $30 a gram. The overall rating on Weedmaps is 4.3/5 from 247 reviews.

This THC oil cartridge brand has more products than any other with an impressive 415 count on right now! They have almost any strain you could wish for. They have branched off to the Pax Era pods too. There are considerable differences in the quality of Select hash oil, so I advise sticking to their elite versions. They just released a new line of disposable pre-filled vape pens that have a beautiful look to them, and these are labeled the weekender.

Select Oil Cartridge Overall Review Score: 3.25/5

 Summary: Buying a Select Oil cartridge can be a hit or miss. Make sure to look around for the best price because they can vary based on the dispensary you buy it from. According to Weedmaps, the most popular strain of theirs is the Platinum Kush Elite (Only 5 Stars from 18 reviews). Let us know if you vaped this cart before and if its a quality choice.

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