In this article, we show you How to make dabs at home.

How to Make Dabs at Home

Dabs are concentrates made by extracting essential oils from the cannabis plant. They’ve become popular in places where cannabis has been legalized. Dabbing is a fast and discreet way of consuming the plant’s active cannabinoids and terpenes in small but strong doses.

Rosin dabs are a concentrated form of cannabis. You can make them safely with supplies you most likely already have in your house.

Here we use heat and pressure to squeeze the essential oils containing cannabinoids from your flowers, kief or hash. The resulting oil quality exceeds hydrocarbon extractions in strength, effect and flavor. Rosin was the original method used to remove plant particles from hash to make it more presentable.

Rosin is popular in the cannabis world because it’s potent, flavorful and free of the extraction chemicals found in other concentrates. Rosin’s getting easier to find at local dispensaries, as word of its qualities spreads.

The Hair Straightener Method

Hair Straightener Dabs

Two techniques for making your own rosin with a hair straightener include:

“Hot and Quick” method on how to make dabs at home
Set the hair straightener to 350° F or more. Press the flower for only 2-3 seconds. This technique yields product much quicker, but the quality suffers.

“Low and Slow”
Set the straightener to 200-250° F. Press the flower for up to 10seconds.

Either method works well. So experiment, then use the method on how to make dabs at home that you prefer most.

Supplies you will need:

  • A hair straightener, with a ‘low’ setting of 300° F or less. Any hotter and you risk losing precious terpenes to evaporation.
  • Starting Materials – cannabis flower, kief or hash
  • Parchment Paper – unbleached is best
  • Collecting Tool – most dabbing tools work
  • Heat-Resistant Gloves – to avoid burns from the hair straightener
  • Scissors
  • Coffee filter or micron bag – to make a pouch for the starter material. (This is optional.)

Steps for Making Your Own Rosin

  1. Preheat the hair straightener to 300° F. You may need to turn up your heat setting to produce enough heat for the process to work. But don’t burn up your material and its essential oils in the process.
  2. Use the scissors to cut a piece of parchment paper into a four inch square. Fold paper in half. Place the starting material inside the paper. Press both sides of straightener together with as much pressure as possible. Hold for 3-7 seconds. A sizzling sound indicates the resin has melted and separated from the plant matter.
  3. Remove the piece of parchment from the heat and open it. Peel the pressed flower from the parchment paper. What’s left is very potent and consumable resin.
  4. The remaining resin is very sticky. You’ll need something similar to a dabbing tool to collect it from the paper. A good amount of delicacy and patience will go a long way here. So be careful! If you’re making a lot of resin, use separate sheets of parchment for each batch. Store your dabs in a small glass or silicone container in a cool, dark environment.

Note: Making a Starter Material Pouch

Cut a piece from a coffee filter or micron bag. When folded in half, this should not be wider than the plates on the hair straightener. Fold the filter material in half. Fold the edges over twice to seal two out of three sides. Pour your ground flower, kief or hash into the pouch. Don’t overfill it! Seal the final side.

Using a starter material pouch will save you time picking plant material out of your finished product.

What is a Rosin Press?

How to make dabs at home

Rosin presses are designed for producing large amounts of rosin in one go. Rosin presses come in various sizes, from small home gadgets to industrial-class high-yielding presses. The latter are used by extraction laboratories and dedicated cannabis enthusiasts.

Rosin presses have a wide price range, from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousands. As with any manufactured piece of equipment, each has its pros and cons. Do your research before you choose to purchase any press. The amount and quality of rosin yielded varies widely as well. So you really do get what you pay for.

The goal is to get a high-quality yield of cannabis oil extracted by safe solvent-free methods. You can make the final product in your own home and consume it discreetly. This appeals to both medical and recreational cannabis users. Making your own high quality dabs at home may quickly become the wave of the future in cannabis concentrates.