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How to Roll a Blunt – Everything You Need to Know

Rolling the perfect blunt is an art form. It takes practice, patience, and a steady hand. In any group of friends, there is generally always one person designated as the blunt roller, because they take the job seriously. Their joints are perfectly balanced, smoother smokes, with rarely any problems. But what about you, do you know how to roll a blunt properly?

A poorly rolled joint is a huge letdown, especially if shared among friends. Some common problems indicating a lack of experience are:

  • Burning only down one side of the wrapper (also called canoeing)
  • Constantly requiring a re-light
  • Weed crumbs ending up in your mouth
  • Large chunks of leftover, unburnt weed in the roach

These problems are always frustrating, but with a little practice can easily be avoided. Learn to stop relying on that one expert in your group and start rolling your own perfect blunts. Not only will you prevent wasted weed, but you’ll also acquire a new skill set sure to impress in your next session.

What Does it Take to Roll a Blunt?

Before getting starting make sure you have all the required tools on hand. Nothing is as annoying as getting halfway through a blunt and realizing you are missing something vital. Next time you pop by the dispensary, invest in a few quality items like a grinder, a rolling mat or tray, and proper blunt wraps. No need to buy the gimmicky joint rollers often on display though. By the time you practiced the steps laid out below, you’ll be an expert with no need for gimmicks like that.


  • Grinder
  • Large blunt papers
  • Thin card (like a business card) cut into strips and rolled into a filter (or pre-made filters)
  • A chopstick or scissors
  • 1 gram of weed
  • Tobacco or other herbal smoke mixes (if desired)

In this practice scenario, we are going to focus on rolling big beautiful blunts. Bigger is better for a number of reasons when starting out. First, it’s easier to handle for newbies, and second, the wrappers tend to be a bit more robust. It can withstand a few rolls before ripping.

Step by Step: How to Roll a Blunt

  1. The most crucial step to rolling a joint is grinding the flower down into a perfectly uniform grind. This is called shake. It’s essential to achieve uniformity because it ensures your joint smokes smoothly. Now is also the time to combine with a smoking mix or tobacco if desired. Just make sure its all roughly the same grind, no lumps!
  2. Hold the blunt wrap in your non-dominant hand (you’ll use the dominant hand to fill the wrapper with weed). Place one finger in the middle of the wrapper, and use your thumb and other fingers to fold the paper equally into a nice long gutter. Sticky side should be on the back edge, but facing you.
  3. Fill the inside of the trough with weed. You generally want to fill up to the sticky edge, but not over. Looking for a conical shape? Start building up the weed on one side. When done, place the filter into the end near your dominant hand.
  4. Grab the other side of the paper with your other hand. Now you should be holding both ends. You can place your hands in whatever way feels comfortable, but you need to roll the weed in between the papers gently. You want to try to even out the product from one end to the other, compacting it lightly. Don’t over compact or It will be challenging to smoke.
  5. Now comes the most difficult part, the shaping, and sealing. If you are aiming for the traditional cone shape, you need first to fold over the non-sticky edge on one end. Try to tuck the front corner of the paper nicely behind the filter. Gently continue rolling the joint from the bottom upwards, and towards the other end. Don’t forget to lick the sticky edge before it disappears!
  6. Once satisfied, twist the end to seal the weed inside. Run a lighter along the shaft to seal the entire package. This tightens up the blunt a bit before smoking.

Tips for the Beginner

  • Your first go around is going to be messy, but because we are using a big blunt paper, you can just shake it out and try again. Manipulating the paper takes practice before it’s perfected. For the newbie blunt roller, there are a few tips to keep in mind when rolling your first blunt.
  • Does the blunt seem a bit lose? A simple issue to correct. Take the chopstick (or another long thin tool like the end of a pair of scissors), and gently pack down the weed from the open end. Don’t over pack, because good blunts need air flow between grind for a proper smoke. You can add more pot if required at this stage too.
  • Using tobacco or smoke mix is a good idea for beginners because these are usually much easier to roll. Marijuana, especially drier varieties, can take a bit of finesse to figure out.
  • Try to create tension between one end and the other of the rolling paper before starting to physically roll. This helps roll a smooth, tight joint.

What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite strain and start practicing! Nothing bad can come of it. If all else fails, throw the remnants in the bong. Once you become an expert, get creative. Try rolling a cross joint, or a tulip joint.

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