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How to Roll a Cross Joint Guide

Looking to impress your friends? In this article, we will show you a step-by-step on how to roll a cross joint. Rolling a cross joint goes way beyond the normal joint. It may take one or two tries to get this one right if you are a beginner. Those with experience rolling joints skills will not have a problem rolling a cross joint though. Follow this brief, yet in-depth guide on how to roll a cross joint and you’ll have your friends fascinated by your impressive rolling abilities. You can also apply the same techniques to roll a cross blunt if you follow our step-by-step guide about how to roll a cross joint.

What You’ll Need to Make a Cross Joint

If you are used to rolling your own joints, then this shouldn’t be too difficult for you to learn. It will help a lot to understand how to roll a joint before proceeding onto the cross joint. Much of the supplies required to make a cross joint are the same as the ones you are using to roll a regular joint. The first and most and most important part of a cross joint is the quality of the rolling paper and cannabis. High-quality cannabis that has a sticky texture to it will make it easy to roll a cross joint.

It’s not mandatory, but a grinder will help speed up the process. You need to grind up two grams of cannabis. You also need both large king size and small or regular rolling papers to make a cross joint. A joint filter made from paper can also improve the cross joint. We recommend using Rowll rolling papers because they include a disposable grinder and papers to make joint filters. Lastly, you’ll need some pins, needles or some small pieces of wire. After you have gathered all the supplies, you’re ready to get to it. Let the fun begin!

Step 1: Roll a Large Joint

Cross Joint - Roll A Large Joint

Make sure to follow our how to roll a cross joint guide step-by-step to ensure avoiding common mistakes. First, you’ll need to grab some pieces of a large rolling paper. Roll a joint that is a little larger than the typical size used to roll a regular joint. Make sure that the joint is thicker than it usually would be. This can take quite a bit of getting used to for a first-timer so don’t be discouraged if they do not come out perfect in the beginning.

Once you’re used to making cross joints you can feel free to roll them as small or as large as you like, it is just easier to learn how to make them if you first try with larger rolls. When rolling this large joint make sure that you leave a little empty twist at the tip of the joint, this makes it much easier to light.

Step 2: Put Some Joint Filter Paper

Cross Joint - Add A Joint Filter

While this step is technically wholly optional, it comes highly recommended by the most famous of celebrity stoners himself, Seth Rogen. And when Seth Rogen recommends you roll in a certain way, there must be a good enough reason behind it. The most common reason why people include this step when rolling cross joints is to ensure that the joint can be burned all the way to the end, making sure that all the weed inside the joint is used, which makes perfect sense when you think about it.

If you wish to follow in Seth Rogan’s steps, then use a filter paper, preferably nonbleached paper. Make sure that this strip of joint filter paper is thin and short, preferably less than three inches long. As with the size of the joint, feel free to change the length and thickness of the joint filter after you’ve grown accustomed to how to make a cross joint. Once you’ve cut the piece of filter paper to your desired dimensions, roll the strip to form a cylinder that is roughly the same size as the large joint.

Step 3: Roll a Thinner Joint

Cross Joint - Roll A Thin Joint

The third step in this cross joint tutorial requires you to grab some pieces of small rolling paper and roll yourself a much thinner joint than the last one. This joint acts as the cross-section of the joint. The thinner you roll this second joint, the easier it will be to put the cross joint together

Step 4: Stab a Hole in the Middle of the Thinner Joint

Cross Joint - Stab A Hole In The Small Joint

The most important step when making a cross joint is making sure that the thin joint has a hole right in the middle of it. Get a needle, pin, or something else sharp and stab a hole through the center of the joint. Make sure that you do this with care and take your time because you don’t want to rush this step either as a screw-up at this stage also means that you need to start from scratch. You should also widen this hole a little but not too much.

This small hole through the center of the thin joint is used to let the air flow from the tip to the end of the large joint. Forgetting this step will mean that the cross joint is entirely useless as it can’t be smoked. Instead, when you light the weed cross, it will just burn up and you’ll have wasted all your precious weed inside.

During this step, it is common that some of your weed may be accidentally falling out of the thin joint. To avoid this maybe try waiting to stab the hole in the thinner joint until the later steps. For example, maybe try waiting until the thin joint is ready to enter the large joint. That way, if any weed should try to escape, then there are only a few steps to go until you’re ready to smoke, limiting the amount of marijuana lost. Play around with the order of these steps and work out the best series for you.

Step 5: Stab a Hole in the Large Joint

Cross Joint - Stab A Hole In The Larger Joint

After preparing your thin joint, now it’s time to tackle the base of our cross. Take your tool from step 4, and stab a hole in the surface of the larger joint. Make sure this hole goes down to around a quarter above the bottom of the joint. This step should be done carefully and slowly, screwing this up means that you have to start again and waste everybody’s time even more. The sharper the needle or pin, the easier this step will be.

Once the hole has been made, start to move the needle around slowly and carefully. This will widen the gap and make it easier to slide the thin joint in. However, make sure that this hole does not become too wide as the cross joint will lose its seal in that case and it won’t work correctly. Keep rotating the pin or needle until the second joint can fit through it.

Step 6: Inserting the Joint Through the Large Joint

Cross Joint - Add The Joint Through The Hole

That’s all the tricky and tedious steps in the “how to roll a cross joint step by step guide” out of the way. Now you’re almost ready to light up, just a few more steps and you’ll be burning the cross joint. Start by carefully taking one end of the thinner joint and threading it through the hole of the large joint. This may take some time, but it is vital that you do not rush this process. Try a combination of both pushing the joint through the hole and pulling it. Some people find that rotating the joint slowly also helps to push the joint through the hole.

It cannot be stressed enough that this process should be done with the utmost care as, depending on the quality of paper, the joint can often tear easily and this whole journey will have been all for nothing. Keep gently pushing or pulling or even rotating the thin joint through the hole until the small hole that you poked into the thin joint can no longer be seen, meaning that it is inside of the larger joint. It is important to note that the closer this small hole is to the center of the large joint the better the air flow to the cross joint will be, meaning that it won’t burn up so quickly.

Step 7: Seal and Reinforce the Cross Joint

Seal and Reinforce Your Cross Joint

You’re almost there, a couple of more minutes and you’ll be ready to finally light-up. But first, you need to make sure that the cross joint is fully sealed. Grab your scissors and a few more rolling papers of any size. Start by cutting the glue off of the rolling papers. After this, wrap the glues strips from the rolling papers around the center of the area where the thinner joint bisects the large joint. If your rolling a cross blunt just cut off strips of the blunt paper and wrap that around instead.

As is the case with any other step in this guide, make sure that this is done with gentle care, don’t be afraid to take your time it will take much longer to redo everything if you mess up. Wrapping the glues around the center of the cross joint will make sure that it is completely airtight, meaning that smoke will not leak out the joints whenever you try to take a toke. This outcome would usually also involve you burning your mouth, so it’s best to take your time and make sure everything is fully sealed. It is of paramount importance that you do not skip this step, in any circumstance.

Step 8: Enjoy All of Your Hard Work

Enjoy Your Cross Joint

And you’re done. Finally! Sit back, relax, maybe throw some music on in the background and get ready to enjoy your hard work. Just light the empty twist end of the large joint then light carefully light the two twist ends of the thinner joint and you’re ready to go. Enjoy the reactions people will get out of a marijuana cross joint. The best part is lighting up this cross joint from all three ends.

Do not worry about having any problems rolling the thicker joint or putting the whole thing together. Just keep trying and practicing whenever you can spare it and in time, you’ll build up the ability to make the perfect cross joint. Now you can answer the question, how to roll a cross joint? And yeah, your friends might look at you a little funny the first time they see you making one but in time, they will come to appreciate and eventually love the cross joint. You’ll be impressing them in no time.

We recommend taking it to the next level by adding different cannabis extracts to it. Wrapping shatter over the cross joint is one idea. Another suggestion is dropping THC oil over it and then sprinkling kief on top of that for a slower and much more potent burn. The creation of a cross joint can be fun when you know what you’re doing and then smoking one, especially with friends it can be an absolute blast. We recommend for special events such as a friend’s birthday or festival. Whatever might be the occasion the cross joint will bring attention to itself.

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