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Children Should Learn To Drink Alcohol At School

A school project in Templin (Germany) causes an outrage: 90 underage students should learn how to handle alcohol – including tasting beer and wine.

With the project “smart instead of blue”, a school in Templin wants to prevent alcohol addiction. The secondary school invites around 90 underage students to supervised alcohol drinking. The students can drink up to 0.8 liters of wine or 1.3 liters of beer. Even students who have never tried any alcohol before are allowed to participate.

The project serves the prevention of addiction, says Brandenburg’s red-red government and promotes it for years with taxpayers’ money. But now the parents of the students are beginning to defend themselves against the project.

In the local newspaper Nordkurier, a reader urges the government to first educate children about the harm caused by alcohol and drugs. «And now they are being offered alcohol by teachers at school!»

With written permission of the parents, the 9th-grade students should be allowed to drink alcohol. Admitting alcohol to adolescents under the age of 16 is punishable by law. The reader does not think about signing the permit. Even the Headmistress would not allow her child to drink a liter of beer: “That’s where I lie flat myself.”

Nevertheless, the headmistress defends the project:

It’s not about the mess, but about watching the consequences. Students who boast that they do not mind alcohol should experience that they are not that strong. 

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