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AVB – What Can you Do With Already Vaped Bud?

Every person who vapes has faced this dilemma before: What do you do with all that wasted product? If you vape pure flower on the daily, it quickly adds up to grams and grams of garbage. But is it really garbage? You aren’t the only one who has wondered if there is anything productive you can do with already vaped bud.

Until now you might have just tossed it into the ashtray, even though it wasn’t ash. If you cared about the planet, maybe you composted it. But that was probably the extent of it. After all, by vaping, you assumed you sucked out all the valuable compounds. The leftover nug would be void of anything delicious or intoxicating… right?

What if we told you, you should save that nug! Sure you can toss it, but there are always ways to squeeze out the very last bit of medicinal value from it. Reusing already vaped bud is a lot like rolling your roaches into a big-recycled-blunt. The difference is that it tastes much better, and is probably better on your lungs.

What Is Already Vaped Bud (AVB)

First things first, what is already vaped bud, or AVB? This is the waste product left over from your dry herb vaporizer. It doesn’t matter if you use a tabletop variety like the Volcano or a handheld version like the PAX dry herb vaporizer, each session leaves a waste product. The fresh herb you put into the device – once vaped – is completely sucked dry of medicinal value. Or so you thought. But we’ll get to that momentarily.

Smoking and vaping are different methods for consuming dry cannabis flower. Smoking requires a flame. When flame hits flower, it incinerates the organic material producing smoke and ash. You inhale the smoke, and the ash goes into the ashtray. Ash has no additional usefulness.

Vaping cannabis, in many peoples opinion, is better for your lungs and the overall experience. Instead of putting flame to flower, a vaporizer gently heats the product without actually burning it. Different vaporizers use different technologies including induction and convection. Once the flower reaches a specific temperature, the moisture vaporizes and pulls out the cannabinoids and terpenes. The cannabinoids and terpenes each have different boiling temperatures. You inhale the vapor. The leftover product –  what we are calling AVB – is typically thrown out.

Sometimes the AVB appears light orange or brown, but sometimes it still retains a green hue. It is going to have a crumbly-dry texture. It depends on your vaporizer and the original product quality. Temperature, strain, and device effectiveness will determine how many cannabinoids and terpenes expressed during vaping. If you have a terrible vaporizer, there could still be a lot of value left in that dried out crumb!

Why Does Already Vaped Bud Get You High?

We’ve tested this theory out, and can confirm, beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaped cannabis will get you high. Will you get as high as you would from the fresh, never-been-vaped product? No. But you should still feel something, even if you consumed more than you typically would in one serving or session.

The experience may be slightly different as well. Maybe you get stronger munchies than you did while vaping, or you aren’t as sedated. The theory behind the slightly different experience from fresh versus AVB is the lingering compounds. Each terpene and cannabinoid has a different boiling point. If your vaporizer comes with a predetermined setting, or you choose not to vape at the highest temperature setting – you’ll see a difference. Some cannabinoids and terpenes will evaporate during the initial consumption, and the rest appear when you use the AVB.

What Can You Do With Already Vaped Bud?

AVB Edibles

Cannabis Butter with AVB

What do you get when you combine previously vaped cannabis and a cookie recipe? You get an utterly delicious and probably pretty potent cannabis-infused cookie! Considering many people find edibles made with fresh weed too strong anyway, you might even find AVB edibles more pleasant.

The basis of infused dishes, even one with AVB is a cannabutter recipe. Cannabutter combines flower with butter, to infuse the cannabinoids and terpenes into the fats.

Usually, you have to decarboxylate the cannabis before combining. This process of applying heat to the fresh bud transforms the inactive cannabinoids (THCA, and CBDA) into active ones (THC and CBD). The bonus of using AVB in your cannabutter recipe is this step is already complete.

When you vape cannabis, you’ve applied heat. Vaping transformed those cannabinoids into the activated ones you are looking for. Therefore, all you need to do in an AVB cannabutter recipe is toss the previously vaped bud into the butter and cook over low heat for roughly 30 to 40 minutes. Strain out the leftover solids, and voila! Delicious cannabutter for your next batch of cookies.

You can also easily swap out the fresh bud in an infused coconut oil recipe with AVB. Coconut oil is a vegan alternative, and you don’t have to keep it in the refrigerator. Depending on what you plan on whipping up in the kitchen, AVB infused coconut oil might also be a better fit for your recipe.

Firecrackers with AVB

Looking for a recipe that requires no cooking whatsoever? Firecrackers are always an option. A sprinkle is all it takes, no mess and no waiting time. Never heard of a firecracker before? It’s for the cannabis connoisseur with no time, and not energy for exhausting hours in the kitchen. It requires no more skill than a peanut butter sandwich, which means just about anyone can perfect it.

The only tip we have for transitioning the original recipe from a fresh weed into AVB is a better grind. The finer the grind, the better the texture. Sprinkle a dash on the top of a cracker, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the benefits.

AVB Tincture

Cannabis Tincture With Already Vaped Bud

A cannabis tincture is an infusion with alcohol, typically high-proof grain alcohol but vodka can do in a pinch. Of course, there are many different opinions about how to make cannabis tincture, but the green dragon is the most straightforward technique. It doesn’t require any special equipment, just a mason jar, AVB, and high proof alcohol.

Because you have already activated the AVB through the process of vaping, no further decarboxylation is required. You may want to throw the ground up cannabis into a grinder. The finer the grind, the more you can squeeze out of it.

Once chopped up into an oregano type consistency, throw it in your mason jar and cover with the alcohol. The ratio of cannabis to vodka doesn’t matter but ensure the liquid covers the bud by about an inch. The more cannabis, the higher the final potency of the product.

Store in a cool dark place for a month or more. Some people suggest up to six weeks. Every few days during this process gently shake the contents. After six weeks, strain out the plant material using a cheesecloth. The green dragon tincture will store safely for at least a year, if not more. Even with the AVB version, take it slow when you first test it out – it could be more potent than you expect!

AVB Capsules

Cannabis Capsule With Already Vaped Bud

If you prefer to take your medicine more conventionally, you may want to consider transforming the AVB into capsules. Capsules make dosing easy, accurate, and consistent between each session. Easy to prepare in advance, keep refrigerated for up to a year. Cannabis capsules, once made, are easier to dose than smoking, vaping, or even tinctures. It’s like taking a daily multivitamin. They also are beneficial for those who prefer to avoid the problems associated with smoking.

A cannabis capsule only requires a single additional step beyond what you’ll need for an edible. Initially, filling individual caps is a bit time consuming – but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. If you struggle with the required precision, you can find several easy-fill products online (Amazon is a great resource).

The in-depth recipe for cannabis gel gaps is here, but you’ll see how the basic premise is remarkably similar to the infusions required for edible production.

Infuse coconut oil with the AVB over low heat for 45 minutes. Strain the liquid from the solids and dispose of the solids. Allow the mixture to cool slightly before filling the gel capsules. Using a small dropper, carefully fill each capsule halfway. You can also purchase a handy-dandy capsule filler to speed up this painstaking process. Let the oil solidify in a cool place. Once stable, cap each unit and store the capsules in the refrigerator until ready to use. If you have infused coconut oil, you are one step away from easy to dose capsules.

Simply Smoke It

Smoke Bong With Already Vaped Marijuana

If you don’t mind smoking weed, then the quickest way to get the lingering value out of AVB is by burning it. Pop it into a bubbler, bong or pipe, and blast away. You can also roll it into a joint or blunt. The only downside to smoking cannabis that you previously vaped is the flavor profile. Because many of the terpenes vaporize, only a small percentage remains. The flavor struggles to shine through when you put fire to the final product.

If you’ve already vaped through your cannabis budget for the month, it pays to have saved the by-product. Instead of tearing apart the living room, turning over couch cushions looking for that last nug – you should have a jar filled with AVB. Pull it out and stick it in your pipe and smoke it. AVB is a saving grace when your stash is dry.

AVB Coffee

Coffee Already Vaped Cannabis

Move over bullet coffee; we’ve got cannabis-infused coffee on our menu. There is no better way to start the day than with a perfect, steamy cup of infused coffee. It’s creamy, buzz-worthy, and a delightful morning pick me up.

No, cannabis coffee isn’t just tossing some leftover vaped cannabis into your piping hot cup of coffee. The effects would be minimal, as water and cannabinoids have a hard time mixing. Instead, you’ll want to add a spoonful of that coconut oil or butter we infused earlier for edibles. Not only does fat make cannabinoid absorption more effective, but it also improves the alertness and brain function of the caffeine. Plus, you could already have a mason jar or two of these cannabis infusions on hand for edibles production.

The recipe is simple. Add one spoonful of infused butter or coconut oil into a blender for every cup of coffee. Blend the butter (or oil) and black coffee on high until frothy – roughly 15 seconds. Pour into your favorite mug, and enjoy your homemade cannabis cappuccino. It’s a beautiful way to wake and bake, without ever picking up the lighter.

What Does Already Vaped Cannabis Taste Like?

If you’ve ever relit an old roach or smoked out of a dirty pipe, you know recycled weed smells terrible. It tastes like rotten ashes, and the smoke is harsh. It’s easy to assume that AVB tastes and smells the same as already smoked bud – but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You’ll see for yourself that AVB tastes and smells like the original strain. Weaker maybe, but still spunky, skunky, and pleasant. Some people report that during the second go, the product isn’t as smooth. Depending on how effective the original vape was, the AVB may deliver a harsh inhale because it’s so dry.

The majority of the leftover bud is dried out organic plant material with a hint of its former liveliness. If your nug tasted sweet and piney before, you should still find it tastes sweet and piney today. Any differences will be minor.

AVB Storage Techniques

Already vaporizer cannabis is easy to collect, and safe to store long term. Unlike collecting leftover roaches to create the infinity roach, AVB is not a biological hazard. Vaporized cannabis has a lower moisture content than when you first placed it in the device and has never touched your lips. It should naturally be free mold, fungus, or yeast development so long as you store it correctly going forward.

All you need to store AVB is an airtight, glass collection jar. Many people use a mason jar with a tight fitting lid. Every time you wrap up a session, dump the leftover product into the pot and tighten the cap. Store the jar in a dark cupboard or closet. Sunlight and oxygen speed up the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes, so keep the lid on and the jar in the dark.

If you are smoking AVB, you won’t need to wait long to start using your collection. But if you want to make topicals or edibles, you’ll want at least  ½ ounce or more before.

With all the possibilities laid out before you, how are you going to use your already vaped bud? What you once considered a waste product, is now wholly reinvigorated. Pretty much anything that you can use fresh weed for, you can use AVB weed for, from edibles to tinctures to a bowl full of flower. While the experience might be milder, and the flavor diluted, you should still end up with a pleasant experience.

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