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10 Things The Lonely Stoner Loves

Are you a lonely stoner? Even though, for a lot of people, smoking weed is a fun social activity that they engage in with friends to accompany a night out you are in good company. Since we started International Highlife a bit more than three years ago, we met so many stoners that like to smoke in piece. Having a toke alone can be a great opportunity for relaxation, introspection, and creative work. Many tokers know this, but if you’ve never taken the time to have a toke alone, it is definitely something to try out. We’ve put together a list of 10 things that the solo stoner loves – and bet you’ll love them too.

1) You can be as comfortable as you want

Good night sleep

Some people don’t love being high because they are a bit prone to worrying about judgement from others. This can set off your paranoia, and be a real buzz-kill, preventing you from totally relaxing and enjoying your high. The solo stoner has none of these concerns, and have the opportunity to do whatever they like after a solo session. If they want to chill in their underwear, watch embarrassing TV, or spend hours reading about unsolved murders on Reddit, there is no one to judge or interrupt. Ever wanted to smoke weed in your own bathtub? The solo stoner can, and does!

2) You can smoke what you paid for

Jar of weed

Like it or not, group smoking can get expensive for certain members of the group. Some people are not comfortable having their own stash, or picking up their own supply. For these people, group sessions might be seen as their only chance to experience a high. As a result, some friends always end up picking up the slack, meaning their stash takes a serious hit when they toke with a group of friends. The solo smoker never has to worry about their supply, running out too soon, or spending money on weed they never get to enjoy. One beautiful benefit of being a solo stoner is that the stash is all yours.

3) You get to be high in peace


If you’ve ever enjoyed a nice session that was interrupted by an abrupt change of activity that really did not sit well with you, you already know that having other people around is not always the best thing for a high. The solo stoner has the opportunity to do whatever they like, and go where the mood takes them. Having other people dictate the music, activity, or choice of location can be jarring, and keep you from enjoying the chill and enjoyable high you were looking forward to – and a solo session leaves you in total control.

4) Naked nights

smoking a blunt

Solo stoners also have the option of wearing as much or as little as they’d like around their house. This can be for practical reasons, there is nothing better than having a long bath, hopping out, and moisturizing your whole body. It can also be a choice for comfort. If you want to toke, and hop naked into bed with a laptop and Netflix, you’ll have nice, comfortable night and no one to see you wandering around in the nude.

On second thought, this is a fun activity to do solo. But it would also be a great date night for couples that are both tokers…

5) Deep thoughts

stars in the skys

One of the best things about marijuana is that it allows you to unlock your creative side, examine new thoughts and uncover new ideas and patterns of thinking. This can be fun in groups, and provokes some great conversation. But other peoples’ comments can interrupt your train of thoughts, and sometimes, it is nice to enjoy where the high takes you all alone.

Toking solo allows you the time to create art, work on your writing, think deeply about where you are and what you want in life, or to deeply research a new interest. Being alone allows you to go where your mind takes you, and can be a wonderful opportunity to experience time with yourself and a different thought process.

6) Your paranoia is private

looking out the window

If you mostly have good experiences while high but sometimes give in to worried thoughts, or tend to speak a lot about your worries while high, the solo smoking lifestyle is perfect for you. Smoking alone, you can indulge any and all of your thoughts and desires, and you have the chance to settle yourself, without having added social anxiety. You also have the benefit of experimenting with strains privately, to find out which types of weed are perfect for group smoking at other times.

7) You can binge watch any weird thing you like


We all have our specific tastes, and sometimes it is hard to tell what you’ll be sucked-into and when. When you’re a solo smoker, you can indulge any whim you like, so if you are suddenly in the mood for something different, or even just want to read, you can do as you please.

Whether you’re binging The Office for the 6th time, or you want to listen to every single episode of My Favorite Murder, you can do exactly what you like, free of judgement, and without having to compromise with anyone else.

8) Introspective green walks

Walking in the forest

If your thoughts get deep, sometimes it is nice to be able to just head out and enjoy the evening, ambling around and seeing where the night takes you. Whether you want to go spend a shameful amount of money on candy, or just want to take a look around the neighbourhood, it can be beautiful to have a nice, slow walk all to yourself. Solo smokers know the joy of being able to head out and do what they want at any time, and it is a simple pleasure to just enjoy your own company.

9) Method of choice

Signs on the road

One thing about smoking solo is that you can smoke your stash exactly how you want. If you prefer joints, a bong, or vapes, you can choose your preferred method and stick with it. You also have the opportunity to choose your strain, mix some different things to experiment with, or try out a new type of rolling paper for the first time.

10) Eat as many munchies as you want

ready to eat

Are you a hungry toker? You aren’t alone. It can be really fun to snack with a large group of people when high, but it is just much more fun to secret-eat alone sometimes. A lot of us turn to indulgent snacks when toking-solo, but a lot of other smokers tend to use this time to try out new foods, or make themselves a special meal. Doing that for just yourself can be a really great indulgence, and a wonderful way to expand your diet and how much you enjoy your own company.

Plus, if you want to eat a whole carton of ice cream, there is no one to stop you. If you decide that you’re just having mac and cheese for dinner, there is no one there to remind you to eat your veggies.

We all want to indulge sometimes, and for the 420-friendly, that time can be so much more special if it is occasionally spent alone. Getting high by yourself gives you the chance to really experiment with the strains that you most enjoy, and get to know yourself a little better. Having a green-night alone gives you the chance to try a new hobby, play around online, enjoy a new show, and indulge in whatever you’d like to do. Many of us know the simple pleasure of toking along, but if you’ve never tried it, you should definitely consider giving it a shot.

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