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Study: Smoking Weed Before Sex Can Make Your Orgasms Even More Intense

Want to increase your pleasure in the bedroom? Adding some cannabis may do the trick, according to a new study in the journal Sexual Medicine.

While scientific evidence about the effects of cannabis use on sexual interaction is still limited, you’ll be able to find a lot of claims about the topic online (about cannabis improving libido, arousal, and orgasm). Maybe this was the reason the researchers of this study decided to investigate and publishing one of the largest studies on the issue to date.

The authors of the study worked with 373 participants who all sought care at a specific OB/GYN practice between March 2016 and February 2017. The study included questions about their overall sexual activity— including how happy they were with their current sex life, drive, orgasms and lubrication. The survey also asked whether or not they used cannabis, especially if they consumed prior to having sex and how frequently they did that.

Of the sample, 176 women said they use cannabis.

Among those who reported using marijuana before sex, 68.5 percent stated that the overall sexual experience was more pleasurable, 60.6 percent noted an increase in sex drive, and 52.8 percent reported an increase in satisfying orgasms. The majority reported no change in lubrication,

the study’s authors wrote.

The researches concluded that women who said they used weed before their bedroom activities had 2.13 higher odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms than those who reported they were not lit during sex.

It’s still unclear, however, exactly why cannabis consumption improves the sexual experience for women. On theory the researches have is that cannabis can help to lower anxiety and stress. This could improve someone’s confidence and also the ability to experiment in the bedroom. It may also have something to do with the way cannabinoids interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, some of which are located in parts of the brain responsible for regulating hormones that play a role in sex. A lot will depend on the specific strain you are using. Maybe you remember the story about Sexxpot we once published.

The current study adds to a growing body of research that shows marijuana positively affects women’s sexual experiences in a number of ways, and could potentially lead to life-changing treatments for female sexual dysfunction. Considering that women are less likely to support cannabis legalization than men, according to many polls, studies like this one are helpful to show women how beneficial cannabis can be for them if they use it in a reasonable way.

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  1. I really like that more and more studies like these are actually being made public, finally!

  2. Elis says:

    Hi !Am elis frm Nigeria, hv known abt dis long time ago though through a frnd nd its really true especially when both d lady nd d guy both take cannabis bfor sex .

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