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What is Brick Weed

Weed 101: What is Brick Weed?

Brick weed is a term used to refer to weed that has been compressed or condensed for transportation efficiency. Brick weed actually used to be much more common, in the days where cannabis supplies were a little harder to come by, and cannabis was often shipped long distances to make it to customers. Now, with the expansion of the legal cannabis market, Brick Weed is becoming less and less common in some areas, at least when it is condensed for transportation reasons.

Does Brick Weed Have A Different Quality?

The quick answer is: yes and no.

Any strain of cannabis can be bricked for transportation, so if weed is in brick form, that really is no indication of quality either way. That said, simply because of the risks involved, the quality of bricked weed does tend to be a little bit lower. Growers don’t really tend to send their best supplies on long-distance, high-risk journeys, and will instead use medium- or low-quality weed for this type of venture. In the United States, much of the available bricked weed is generally sourced from Mexico, and supplies need to travel long and arduous journeys before reaching customers.

On the other hand, bricking weed is simply an efficient way to move large supplies of marijuana, so the very fact that weed is condensed in this way does not mean it is low quality – it may simply be a practical decision.

Some people have realized that condensed brick weed can make lower-quality cannabis appear to be denser and danker. If your supplier has some low-quality weed to sell, they may opt to condense their supply in a similar way, to make their wares seem a bit more attractive. Some unscrupulous characters might even try to charge a higher price. Since this practice doesn’t change the actual weight of the weed, this is an easy trick for sellers to use with unsuspecting buyers.

If you’ve ever gotten a bag of cannabis that seemed to be of higher quality than it turned out to be, chances are you might have bought a little bit of brick weed (or weed that was condensed in a similar way).

The Decline Of Brick Weed

With the expansion of legalization has come far more opportunities for growers to operate throughout the world. With this change comes less and less need for Brick Weed, and to creatively ship cannabis throughout the world. As local growing develops, there is also a focus on creating more high-quality strains. Many growers and retailers are hesitant to brick high quality weed, because the additional THC tends to flake off, so chances are you’ll be seeing less and less of this product, and more quality cannabis being shipped more openly.

That said, large medical operations will still need to make use of efficient shipping strategies, and some medical strains will still be shipped in a more compact form. So, if you are someone who mainly smokes medical cannabis and if you order your supply in quantity, you may see dense brick weed pop up again (although it’s probably very unlikely).

Brick Weed From The Netherlands

We found a nice brick in Maastricht, check out our short video!

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