Who doesn’t want the most bang for their buck? Some factors can impact your high – and how you feel after you smoke. Here are ten simple, mostly free ways to enhance your weed experience and to achieve a more enhanced high feeling.

1) Experiment With Strains

cannabis strain enhance high

The strain you smoke makes a difference in the intensity of the high you have. Long gone are the days when you relied on your dealer. Having a choice can make all the difference in the world.

Try a few different strains. You might find a clear favorite. Or note a preference for indicas, sativas or hybrids. Some people find they prefer different strains in different situations. Knowing how you respond to each type is the best way to enhance your high.

2) Experiment With The Way You Smoke The Herb

Ways to smoke weed

The way you smoke can have a massive impact on how you experience a high. Whether you smoke joints, use a bong or hit a pipe, try one of the other methods.

You might find it changes your experience. Many say that a bong hit gives you more of a head buzz. While smoking a joint gives you more of a body high. A small change can enhance your experience.

Another alternative is to try vaping! This may be a healthier option, which you can enjoy just as much as smoking. For heavy smokers above all, a change in routine can be beneficial.

3) Try Hash, Oils, And Concentrates

Weed edibles

Concentrates and hash can be an excellent way to intensify your high. Hash, oils, and concentrates contain high levels of THC. This allows you to smoke tiny amounts for a fast and intense high.

Many use hash or concentrates on achieving the same high with fewer hits. And without taking in all the smoke of a joint or a bong.

4) Get Moving

Exercise and Weed

Exercising just before or after you smoke weed can intensify your high. Studies show that exercise can lead to 15% more THC reaching the brain. This can have an intense and lasting impact, even among veteran smokers.

This tip is perfect if you’re concerned about becoming a couch potato. Plus, if you exercise, you won’t have to feel guilty when the munchies strike! Continue reading to learn more ways to enhance high.

5) Take A Tolerance Break

Weed tolerance break

This might sound crazy, but one way to achieve a euphoric high is to take a tolerance break. Moderate and heavy smokers experience less intense highs over time. A tolerance break can lead to an improved high when you start smoking again. You don’t have to quit for weeks, from our experience even three days can make a huge difference.