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The Trump Administration Wants Your Opinion On The Reclassification Of Cannabis

None of us would ever imagine the day that the US government would ask for our input on cannabis, especially not if it was to voice an opinion regarding the legal classification of weed.

The Trump administration is now asking for public comments to determine whether they should reclassify cannabis or not.

More specifically, the FDA is looking for feedback from the public regarding medical cannabis use, what the abuse potential of cannabis is and other questions in light of it being under review at an international level.

Under the current federal law, cannabis is currently classified in the Schedule I category. This means that the consumption and possession of cannabis is illegal, and that no physician can prescripe it. It also means that there are heavy restrictions on researching its therapeutic benefits (medical studies conducted on human beings).

The current international status of cannabis means that the nations who participate in international drug control treaties do not have the right to legalize the herb, although countries such as Canada and Uruguay have gone ahead and legalized it anyway.

The FDA Wants You!

Well, your opinion at least. Leslie Kux who is the FDA’s associate commissioner for policy has confirmed that public opinions on the effects and legal status will be taken into consideration when preparing the United States’ response to the World Health Organization.

The letter will focus on the potential abuse liability and diversion of cannabis. The World Health Organization will then use the information to determine if they should recommend that particular international restrictions are placed on cannabis.

WHO’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence will be holding a meeting next month in Geneva to examine and possibly reconsider the classification of cannabis, along with certain other substances.

Their aim is to gather as much information as possible concerning the following factors that could affect marijuana’s fate:

  • Legitimate use
  • Abuse
  • Current status of the national control
  • Legitimate use
  • The potential impact of international control

In early 2018 this same body decided that cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) should not be included in international drug control convections, due to its proven therapeutic benefits and lack of the intoxicating properties like THC. They concluded that CBD has a good safety profile and didn’t qualify to be liable to abuse or negative side effects that could be found in cannabis containing higher amounts of THC.

The same body has now agreed to take part in a very detailed and critical review of the cannabis plant, as well as the THC itself. It is likely that this review has prompted the FDA to request public opinion.

The Trump administration has also requested public comment from those who are interested, well before a previous review of cannabis. This has sparked hope amongst the advocates of the legalization of the plant and they are positive that scrutinizing the data collected on the effects of cannabis will lead to a reclassification of the drug.

If you would like to submit your comments or opinions on cannabis to the FDA, you must submit it online before 31st October 2018. If you don’t have Internet access, then comments will also be accepted via post.

You can send your inputs here

22 responses to “The Trump Administration Wants Your Opinion On The Reclassification Of Cannabis”

  1. Hale davis says:

    Legalize across the board

  2. Tyler says:

    I live in van wert Ohio where it’s illegal to have. The meth an heroine have become a ginormous problem here they make CBd oil illegal to use here I’m a smoker have been for 17 years now I would really like to see Ohio become legal to use I’ve watched my friends die an become addicted to meth or heroine I try to get them off it because I don’t wanna see another loved one pass away again between Dayton Ohio, Chicago Illinois, Lima Ohio ,Columbus ohio,an Toledo Ohio we are at war with drugs here I cannot bare much longer to see these ppl live down the drain like it has been the last 8 years I have been living in Ohio

  3. Lynn says:

    Plant from the ground, or a pill from a factory. My choice is natural, and no side effects…

  4. Rexford says:

    Medical cannabis has made my quality of life 5x better. I was on opiates and nerve pain meds for 15 years. 6 months into the mmj program I am off all pain meds.

  5. Charles rierson says:

    Mike Holt cannabis legal

  6. Joyce Conway says:

    Please just legalize marijuana across the board.

  7. Sabi says:

    I think it should be legalized on the federal level atleast on the medical level. The benefits I see of medical marijuana compared to the negatives I don’t see are phenomenal. I have watched loved ones not be able to do anything finally be able to talk to their kids and have a relief of pain. On the recreational use i believe that should be up to the states but I think their should be a federal standard on how punishments are handled.

  8. Kegan zulliger says:

    I have been on med from age 6 now 32 cannabis is the only thing that has helped me it’s safer than food in the grocery store can’t kill you because of what parts of the brain it effects then the healing benefits alone should make it so legal everyone should be able to grow it freely the only reason it’s illegal is because of the vast amounts of things is can be used for so many people I know have been able to quit drugs and heal themselves with cannabis it’s truly the best plant in the world

  9. Daniel says:

    1. It says in the bible to consume the green leaves of the earth
    2. The bible also says God put all seed barring herbs on earth for use to use
    3. It’s safer than alcohol
    4. It has so many medical benefits that you would have to take dozens of pills
    5.look at the money each state would be making off the taxes
    6. Never in history has marijuana killed anyone

  10. Casey turner says:

    Five years ago doctors were encouraging me to go onto disability due to my Crohn’s disease. I was pretty sick. I lived most of my life with Crohn’s and was not diagnosed until I was thirty six. Before I was diagnosed I didn’t live the best lifestyle. I was an alcohol who also like meth. Today I am clean because my health made a choice for me. I had alot of damage in my ileum and dudodum. I was on a few meds but not for long. One I had an allergic reaction to. One was $550 a month with insurance, never got it. Ive taken cipro for infection and pulled a tendon in my foot walking on a flat surface. I was on Prednisone for two and a half years until i, against doctors orders, took myself off of it. Doctors said it was only thing keeping me together. I was constantly in pain with alot of severe pain in my appendix area. The reason why I weaned myself off of the Prednisone was because it was causing mood swings, being angry and laughing together, my bones in my forearms started to ache noticeably and I was having black stool, which with Crohn’s is a sign of eternal bleeding. I am 41 on no medication for my Crohn’s and am able to work a full time job in a metal fabrication shop. I still have my bad days, but last time I was in the hospital( earlier this year) the doctor said that the CT scan showed no signs of damage. I haven’t been on medication for almost three years. I watch what I eat, try not to get upset, watch what I drink, soak in hot water with Epsom salt and smoke marijuana. My wife was completely against marijuana when we first got together five years ago. Now, when I’m starting to hurt alot she will ask me if I have any medicine (marijuana). Without marijuana there would be days I couldn’t exist. Most of my employers I’ve had, I’ve had alot due to my Crohn’s causing me to miss work, figured out that with marijuana I am a very competent worker, without marijuana I’m hurting thus giving me an attitude problem. Everyone that knows me will tell you that I need marijuana to be able to live a functioning life. My second opinion on marijuana legalization is if we truly live in a democracy and in a democracy majority votes win, why when 30 out of 50 states have legalized medical marijuana has not democracy kicked in. And under the eighth amendment we are to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. If you had a disease and the only thing that gives you enough relief that you can live a functioning life and shows signs of diseased organs healing but you can go to prison for that relief, how would u feel? How many politicians that want marijuana illegal have a medical license? Every doctor I’ve talked to, even EMTs and cops have told me to smoke marijuana. If it is illegal to practice medicine without a license, then how can a politician say what’s best for our health. What medical background gives you the right

  11. Adam says:

    It would benefit every one .not just because it can help or ever cure cancer but the plant itself would be the biggest market ever and if every one made it legal then we could make clothes cheaper it would help the economy.

  12. Simon bamford says:

    It’s just.

  13. Mike mancusi says:

    I suffer from chronic back pain from when i broke it as a child. Ive been told it needs to be fused to get rid of the pain. Im 35 with a 3yr old son. I will never fuse it until i cant walk. I was taking pain killers constantly. I stopped taking the pain killers and started smoking marijuana again. And it helps relieve all pains and discomforts associated with my back issue. It should be legal in all states.

  14. Jill says:

    Just decriminalize and drop it to the level of alcohol. Alcohol is the killer NOT herb. AND, it is time. We voted, and our “awesome” governor, Rick #redtiderick Scott, didn’t do his job, nor did he try with legislation. He was earning money getting paid off by Big Sugar, and killing our eco system. TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!

  15. Stephenskinner says:

    Legalize it in every way

  16. Dana Crowell says:


  17. Cannabis is a safer alternitve to alcohol at the end of the day. It leaves you relaxed, ready for bed, and you wake up refreshed with no hangover. The medical benifits are so numerous it should not be illegal.

  18. Donna Williams says:

    Yes this should not be a schedule 1 drug. No one has ever died of marijuana poisoning, it doesn’t make you hallucinate, it is not a gateway drug. Why is alcohol and cigarettes legal? They are killing people daily. You can buy these over the counter. Marijuana helps so many people in so many ways and Hemp can be made into so many things, paper , clothing. It grows fast so we wouldn’t lose as many trees. The only thing stopping this is big Pharma because they don’t want us well they would lose billions of dollars. That is it they charge us for the drugs at an astronomic price. Then you have to buy another prescription to handle the side effects of that drug and you have to deal with the side effects of that drug which they will be happy to give you another prescription for those side effects.

  19. Paul Mucinskas says:

    Medical reasons tell us FDA was paid off to ban cannabis !

  20. Matt says:

    The war on drugs is a complete failure. It hasn’t kept anything off the streets, preventing any from crossing our borders, has cost hundreds of billions, filled for profit prisons and destroyed lives needlessly. Alcohol and tobacco kill millions, and are not regulated. Marijuana at least has a multitude of redeeming qualities, it helps with the daily stresses of our lives, heals and comforts the sick, and no one has ever overdosed from it’s use either medicinally or recreationally. Don’t forget the many uses from tax revenue. Law enforcement would be able to use their budgets in more useful ways. The pros far outweigh the cons.

  21. Paul J. von Hartmann says:

    When you are ready to consider all solutions, objectively…

    Cannabis vs. Climate Change: How hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?

    On Vimeo you

  22. John Tark says:

    Please set marijuana free. It can do so much good for all people.

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