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Edibles: How Long Do You Stay High?

How long do you stay high after ingesting edibles containing THC? Many cannabis edibles affect people differently, so it’s hard to say just how long the effects of edibles really last for. Factors such as tolerance, body composition and what kind of edible you eat all have different effects on how long your high will last. The amount and the potency of the edible also affects how long your high will last after consumption.

Tolerance & Body Composition

Stoners who consume cannabis in some form every day will have a much higher tolerance than occasional or first-time users. This is because THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana responsible for your high, builds up in your body over time. It’s stored in your body’s fat cells, and can take up to six weeks to leave your system. As THC builds up, your body becomes less sensitive to its effects.

So, the higher your tolerance, the sooner you’re going to be coming down from your high. That means that those who eat edibles and have a high tolerance will stop feeling the effects much sooner than those who do not consume as often or as much. If you’re a first-time edible eater, remember to take it slow, since your tolerance is nonexistent. There’s a higher chance that your high is going to fall on the lengthy side of the spectrum if you consume cannabis infrequently.

Edible consumers who weigh less will feel the effects longer than those who weigh more. That is because the ratio of the THC to body weight increases the less you weigh, making you feel the effects more.

Edible Characteristics

The potency of the edible and the amount you consume will also affect how long your high lasts. The more potent the edible, the greater the percentage of THC it contains; The more THC, the higher you get from consuming it. Always keep potency in mind when determining how much to ingest. Legally obtained edibles always list how many milligrams of THC the product contains on the label so you can easily choose the right dosage.

The higher the amount of edibles you consume, the longer your high will last as well. This is common sense- the higher the amount of THC ingested, the higher you get, so more THC equals a more prolonged high.


It’s important to remember that the effects of edibles on the body hang around for much longer than the effects of smoking do. Consumers usually experience highs that last around 4-6 hours after consuming edibles, however this time is affected by the factors outlined above.

Remember, it can take up to two hours for edibles to kick in before you fully feel the effects. That’s why the initial recommended dose is only 10mg for first-timers- it’s wise to just stick to this small amount before consuming more because it can take quite a while to feel any effect whatsoever.

Know Your Limits

It’s important to learn your limits when it comes to edibles by taking things slowly. If you feel like the effects of the edibles you ate are lasting too long, there are some steps you can take to help lessen the effects and get more comfortable.

Drink a glass of water, go outside for some fresh air, and take a shower. If all else fails, eat something to satisfy your munchies and then go nap it off. Only time truly gets rid of a high, but you can be comfy in the meantime.

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