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Good Weed VS Bad Weed – How To Evaluate Cannabis Quality

Everywhere you look these days; someone is talking about weed. Not that long ago, it used to be something only teenagers and stoners whispered about. Nobody talked about it in the open, and public access was only a dream. But today, the world of weed is a much different place. Today, we can talk about cannabis in a way that we never could before. We can talk about the properties of quality marijuana; about good weed vs. bad weed.

With so much legal cannabis floating around, nobody needs to settle for bad weed. But how can you tell a good product from a bad one? Maybe you’ve been smoking bad weed all along, and never knew better. Or maybe that last nug you packed into your bong tasted off, and now you’ve got some questions.

The Basic Characteristics of Good vs. Bad Weed

  1. The Cleanliness: Good Cannabis is first of all clean cannabis, without mold, pesticide residue and bug infestations.
  2. The Taste: It needs to be delicious, with a high level of terpenes.
  3. The Feels: Dry but not too dry and sticky, but not too sticky.  Good cannabis is perfectly cured.
  4. The Appearance: No white molds, no black molds, and no off-putting colors. Bright greens, dark purples, and vibrant reds make a beautiful nug.
  5. The High: it should have an appealing, potent, and pleasant high.  No surprises if you’ve done your research.

These five basic concepts are a quick and dirty approach to finding good weed but let’s go deeper behind each of the qualities. At the end of this essential guide to sniffing out good vs. bad weed, you’ll be an expert in the field.

The Cleanliness

Good VS Bad Weed - Spidermite Infection

Do you know where your weed comes from? Not all suppliers are as reputable as you would hope, especially in today’s climate. The overall cleanliness of a product will help determine where it falls on the good weed vs. bad weed spectrum. What we mean by cleanliness, is if it contains molds, harmful pesticides, or toxic solvents leftover from the production process.

We’ll get into the mold a bit later, but scan the nug for any visible signs of mildew. You’ll also want to check with the dispensary for lab test results. In most legalized regions, weed has to go through rigorous testing and follow strict production protocols to get approved for sale. But that hasn’t prevented many contaminated products from hitting the market. Make sure your purchase has up to date and clean toxicology reports before purchase.

The Taste

It goes without saying, good weed is going to beat out the bad weed in a taste test. Bad weed will leave you coughing and spluttering after inhale. It’s going to taste stale and overall quite burnt. You’ll get more of a burnt material taste than any underlying terpenes. No citrus, blueberry, or sour diesel undertones. Just a massive coughing fit and a bad taste in your mouth.

Good weed stands out as a tasty treat. No matter how you smoke it, vape it, or hit it, you’ll get prominent layers of flavor hitting your pallet. All the terpenes work together to set that strain apart, but bad weed is going to taste nasty across the board.

The Feels

Good VS Bad Weed - Breaking Up Nug

When you touch the bud, what does it feel like? Is it soft or crunchy? Does it turn to powder in your hands, or does it stick to your fingers? The texture and consistency of your bud are going to tell you a lot about the curing process, and likely the quality. If it wasn’t cured long enough, it will be susceptible to mold. Cured too long, and it’s going to turn to dust when handled and will smoke a bit harsh.

A high-quality nug should have a bit of spring-back when pressed. It should have a crystal residue covering the leaves and is a bit sticky when handled. Different strains will have different bud densities, so if you are worried about whether or not your bug is too loose or too dense,  don’t worry about it.

The Appearance

Good VS Bad Weed Appearence

Have a good look at the bud in your hand. What does it look like when you get up close and personal with the flower? Old dried up nugs tend to lose the bright vibrant color associated with an award-winning product. It will darken, yellow, and shrivel into something very unpleasant. Good product looks like a rainbow. Depending on the strain you may find hints of red and orange, variations on greens, and deep purple pockets.   

Bad weed might show signs of mold or spider mites as well. Can you see places where white or black mold have taken route? White mold looks much different than the crystals and resin we all know and love. It’s powdery, like icing sugar. Black mold is even worse. If you see any signs of black mold on your nug, throw it out and save your lungs from serious infection.

The High

Now comes the best part! Although it is the most subjective of the categories on the list. When you finally have a chance to sample the nug, pay attention to the high. Does it make you feel how you expected? Maybe you expected to feel happy and productive, but instead, you are stuck in the couch. Check out the strain characteristics from a reputable source, and compare notes. Maybe the dispensary or the supplier misrepresented the strain. Or perhaps it was poorly grown, and the cannabinoid content isn’t up to snuff.

Every strain will have a subtly different high, but you’ll always want it to be enjoyable. Good weed, in terms of the high, is different for every person – but you never want an unexpected experience. Do you strain research before purchase, and report back to the seller if you have any issues.


With this handy five-step guide to good weed vs. bad weed, you’ll never question quality again. Before purchase check for lab reports, and quality assurances provided by the dispensary. When presented with a sample, please give it a good look over. The color, vibrancy, and smell are all qualities to look for. Once you buy it, sample the product. What does it taste like? What does it feel like? Next time you go shopping, and sample the product – keep these five properties in mind.

14 responses to “Good Weed VS Bad Weed – How To Evaluate Cannabis Quality”

  1. Jesse says:

    I throw it at the wall. If it sticks, it’s done.

  2. DBFL1979 says:

    I am very picky when it comes to taste, I’ll gag if it tastes bad. I can usually tell if the flower is young by how it tastes when hitting. Is there anything else I can do to help the flavor?

    • 304cannaisseur says:

      I think using hempwic instead of straight lighter helps with taste. Some argue that because you have to use a lighter to light the wic.

    • Cook says:

      If you want tp help the flavor, store it in an air tight container and add some orange, lemon or lime skin. Leave it be for no more than 3 days with your bud and enjoy some newly refreshed weed!

      It won’t change the potency yet i will surely add to the taste.

      Good luck.

  3. I agree with this article everything is correctly said no more to add just giving proper respect to the Arthur.

  4. Wow, just the article i was looking for to add to our facebook group CBD. Just had receive a question & this was the answer thank you man!

  5. ATTILA the HUNG says:

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    I think that it’s one of the best places to get answers to ANY questions that you may have about GOD’S gift to man!

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  7. Smokedogg33 says:

    Rule of thumb is if the ashes burn black take it back they burn gray it’s okay. That being because if the ashes burn black and it’s hard to keep lit that’s. because there is chemicals(fertilizer /Miracle Grow) in the bud the plant hasn’t been flushed. If the ashes are gray and will stay lit and uniform like a cigarette then you’re okay.

  8. Cindy Victor says:

    I want to learn rverything i need to know about weed please assist me

  9. John Burchardt says:

    Good weed, bad weed…it’s all the same. #CannabisCures! With Sessions being an asshole, it’s imperative that we all contact our congressional reps and demand they #PassHR1227 – “END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION ACT OF 2017”

    Save lives, create jobs, & stop the incarceration!

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