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A Simple Guide About How To Clone Your Cannabis Plants

Have you ever created a cloned your weed?

If not, don’t worry!

Expanding your cannabis grow is more simpler and less expensive than it first appears. Here is a description of how to clone your weed.

What Does Cloning a Marijuana Plant Mean?

What is cloning? A portion of a marijuana plant is utilized to develop another marijuana plant, to put it simply.

Since the entire process results in the formation of a duplicate of the original plant, the word “clone” is employed. It has a number of significant advantages that make it quite well-liked among cannabis farmers.

It’s simple. In actuality, it is among the simplest methods for growing marijuana plants. First of all, it doesn’t need a lot of supplies. Second, even a complete novice may do it.

Cloning is economical. It shields you from having to get fresh seeds. All you have to do is keep cloning the plants you already purchased!

It works well. The number of marijuana plants you own will significantly rise once you start cloning your plants, which is fantastic news! By the conclusion of the season, you will have more buds if you have more plants.

Cannabis can be cloned more quickly. It is safe to say that cloning considerably speeds up a cannabis plant’s growth.

It makes you happy. You may cultivate marijuana through cloning and get the exact same high and taste. There is no room for error!

What Tools Do You Need To Clone Cannabis?

Sharp garden shears, rubber gloves, potting soil, a pot, foam cups, rooting hormone, and a clear plastic pot cover are required to clone a marijuana plant. Get a cutting that is at least two inches long in addition to that. It should ideally be a branch that has just finished flowering and is vigorous and lush.

Let’s Start The Cloning Process

The cutting’s stem should first be dipped in the rooting hormone. It will speed up root development and make sure that the roots are robust. Strong roots are essential since the plant cannot support itself without them.

After that, bury the stem in potting soil up to 1 inch deep, packing the earth tightly around it. The distance between each stem when planting one should be at least three inches. Put the plastic cover on the pot once that is finished. This will shield the delicate plant.

It’s important to remember that cannabis plants require constant moisture to progress to the following stage of their life cycle. Because of this, you should regularly monitor the soil’s humidity levels.

The roots of the cloned plants should be two to four inches long in two to five weeks, assuming everything was done correctly. When the cannabis plants reach this level of growth, they should be moved into separate pots, where they will remain for the rest of their lives.

If you prefer to watch a quick video, we got you. It takes less than ten minutes and you’ll be ready to go. Check it out below:


To sum up, growing your weed from a clone is a fantastic and affordable approach to ensure that the plant you end up with will produce the pot you prefer.

Fortunately, learning it is not that tough. It might make you try out new techniques and equipment, but it is ultimately worth the trouble!

Make sure you are producing weed legally by double-checking your state’s regulations.

Cannabis growing is governed by a variety of laws in each state, and we have all the information you need to know what is and is not legal where you reside.

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