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Walmart Considering Selling Cannabis Products

If you’ve been following cannabis-related news lately, you might have noticed that more and more big corporations are entering the cannabis market than ever (or at least they consider doing so). A Walmart employee said the mega-chain is doing “preliminary fact-finding” on the possibility of selling cannabis products.

Walmart Canada representative Diane Medeiros admitted in an email to the Vancouver Sun that;

though the company has no set plans for making any specific products commercially available, it is researching the potential of stocking cannabinoid-based products—specifically those containing CBD.

Medeiros chalked the research up to good business tactics, writing that Walmart is doing its due diligence, “as we would for any new industry.”

The news comes days before Canada is set to legalize weed on the federal level. Given that the country’s census organization has estimated that Canadians will drop $1 billion on legal cannabis in the first 10 weeks of its availability, it should come as no surprise that the industry is attracting attention from established brands.

Like said before, Walmart is far not the only major brand looking to enter the cannabis market. Just recently, Coca-Cola has joined the list of mega brands that have openly talked about the possibility of creating products featuring CBD.

Further, Molson Coors, another huge brand, announced plans to start experimenting with cannabis beers. Estée Lauder is another major label courting weed consumers, having made it’s “Hello, Calm” sativa-infused face mask available through its Origins line at Sephora.

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