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United Airlines Employees Allegedly Made $10,000 A Week Stealing Weed From Luggage

Hold onto your seats because we’ve got an electrifying story for you. The federal government recently revealed a mind-boggling plot at San Francisco International Airport that involved two crafty cargo agents from United Airlines.

The culprits were exposed in an explosive criminal complaint submitted to the US District Court of Northern California on June 9. Adrian Webb, the “right-hand man,” and Joel Lamont Dunn, the mastermind, orchestrated a multi-year conspiracy that left everyone stunned. And wait for it… there were more accomplices among the airport’s cargo agents!

This audacious scheme was set in motion back in 2020. One of our insiders, an informant employed as a ramp cargo agent alongside Dunn and Webb, spilled the beans on their plot to pilfer marijuana from checked baggage at the airport. Can you imagine the nerve?

The informant disclosed that Dunn personally approached them, seeking their assistance in stealing marijuana. In return, they were rewarded handsomely with a cool $2,000 cash per shift. And if they managed to nab larger quantities in a single day, the payday got even better!

But here’s where things take a dangerous twist. The couple, Dunn and Webb, fell victim to a terrifying gunpoint robbery in the employee parking lot near their personal vehicles. This incident caught the attention of federal authorities, leading to a full-blown investigation into their activities.

Authorities obtained security footage capturing Dunn, Webb, and their co-conspirators. The footage reveals them transporting black trash bags from the secure airport area—a telltale sign of their cunning marijuana theft scheme. Shockingly, neither Dunn nor Webb reported the stolen marijuana to the police, adding another layer of intrigue to this unbelievable saga.

In a major breakthrough, the feds intercepted two individuals in October last year. These suspects raised suspicion when they exited the secure airport area pushing a cart loaded with two large boxes and a hefty black plastic bag. Following a tip-off, federal officials swooped in and discovered a whopping 14 kilos (30 pounds) of marijuana! It turns out that Dunn and Webb were frequently spotted in surveillance footage with these very same individuals. Talk about a smoking gun!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As this captivating story unfolds, we can’t help but wonder what other twists and turns await us. Will justice be served? Stay tuned as we bring you all the thrilling updates on this audacious cannabis heist at San Francisco International Airport.


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