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This Cannabis Farm Is Looking For Volunteer Product Testers

A family cannabis farm in New Brunswick is calling for volunteers from around Canada and the world to help with cannabis research.

Greenherb Farms, which focuses on sun-grown cannabis production and solvent-free processing, hopes to improve its cultivar selection and growing procedures with the help of legal-age cannabis samplers.

Greenherb Farms is growing 60 distinct cultivars for research objectives, including focusing on growing techniques, processing processes, and consumer preferences, according to Greg Claroni, general manager and media coordinator.

“It may appear that you’re getting free marijuana, but it’s for a good cause, and we want to do it well.” Claroni stated, “We’re searching for folks that are responsible and dependable.”

Greenherb Farms is currently licensed for cannabis processing, cultivation, and medical sales in the village of Saint-Joseph-de-Kent, roughly an hour’s drive north of Moncton, but Claroni told Huddle the company is due to acquire a sales amendment so it can retail its products.

According to Grow Opportunity, the cultivars used by the company were chosen specifically for outdoor production in New Brunswick, with the goal of minimizing costs for medical patients.

Claroni told Huddle, “We can really narrow down which plants grow best here and which cannabis blossoms our consumers truly appreciate.”

“Because each of those cultivars will be grown from seeds, you’ll see a variety of diverse expressions of those cultivars.” This year, we’ll have a lot of variation in the field, and we’ll be taking a lot of plant samples to discover which ones are the best.”

Sesh, a cannabis accessory brand based in Washington, is hiring writers, photographers, videographers, streamers, and social media influencers if you’re searching for work in the US cannabis market.

The chosen candidates will receive free cannabis products, be flown to the company’s Seattle headquarters, and have the opportunity to represent the brand at trade exhibitions.

Last but not least, you can sign up here.

4 responses to “This Cannabis Farm Is Looking For Volunteer Product Testers”

  1. Betsy says:

    I’m interested in trying your different products. I currently do have my medical marijuana card. Would like to see what your medications can do for me

  2. Kenny Harrison says:

    Hi yes I want to be a tester for u let me know please I’m Kenny Harrison

  3. Deborah Gallant says:

    I would love to be a product tester been smoking weed for 40 years

  4. Carolyn Freeman says:

    Feed me

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