The Legalization Battle…

January 16, 2017


Who Is Really Waging The War?

While the American Public, nay the world, is seeing the benefits of legalization, not everyone has decided to get in on the action. The states in which medical marijuana is being used there are striking numbers showing the decrease of traditional (fabricated) chemical compounds being prescribed. Research is showing that the states in which medical marijuana is available, the use of powerful and addictive, and often deadly, prescription pills in a sharp decline.

Doctors are prescribing less pills…

Most would think that would be a good thing. Fewer pills prescribed means less dependency,
less overdosing, less money spent on rehabilitation…

...and less money goes into the pockets of Big Pharma and the FDA.

So far, that alone seems to have them shaking in their proverbial boots. Take a look at the chart below borrowed from the Washington Post:

These are the numbers for the reductions PER DOCTOR! Not per state, per capita, but PER PHYSICIAN! Let’s do some quick math, shall we:

24 Number of states with legal medical marijuana

10  Low ball estimate of doctors per state allowed to prescribe medical marijuana

1500 Low ball number of Big Pharma prescriptions pain meds saved by medical marijuana, per doctor per year

360,000 Number of prescriptions PER YEAR that Big Pharma lost on pain meds alone

Keep in mind, this quicky little math analysis is just for prescription pain pills and not for the whole gambit of medications prescribed for which medical marijuana is a viable option. The impact on the pharmacological industry is staggering.

This is HUGE! The prescriptions NOT being written are mostly for highly addictive pain medications. Millions of people a year battle addictions to prescription medications.

Others are on the medications because they cannot manage the pain without them, thus becoming effectively addicted in the process. If we can decrease ONLY the amount of prescriptions for pain medications filled each year by 360,000, just imagine the impact!

360,000 prescriptions a year not being filled for five years is 1,800,000!

When one looks at the big picture, one may see this decrease in prescriptions as a good thing. In 2007, 1.7 million people were estimated to be addicted to or abusing pain medications.

( Prescription Pain Medication Addiction and Abus e: Myths, Reality )

One million seven hundred thousand… 1,700,000… That is less than the number I projected for a five year decrease. Interesting, yes?

I am not stating that we can completely eliminate the addiction to pain pills. I am also not stating that we cannot. What we are able to do, with the mindset of the Hippocratic Oath, is do no harm.

...and I will abstain from all intentional wrongdoing and harm…

It is highly unlikely that addiction of any kind to any substance will ever be eradicated. We can only treat the addictions and try to prevent them through education, compassion, and understanding when at all possible. Addicts who do not want help cannot and will not be helped.

The need for a product for which there is almost no risk of physical addiction is staggering. Again, we are discussing pain medication alone. The other prescriptions are having an impact as well. There is three times (3x) as much impact with pain pills. Big Pharma is starting to feel it and they are scared.

For each prescription not written, Big Pharma loses big bucks.

When was the last time you got a prescription for $10? Much less pain pills. I know these numbers are bogus, but they are graspable.

At least three million six hundred thousand dollars (3,6 mil) a year is lost by big pharma in 24 states if 10 doctors write 1500 fewer prescriptions each for the chemical concoctions to which they own the sole rights.

More math…
360, 000 Prescriptions for $10 each equals $3,600,000!

My low balled numbers show how Big Pharma cannot help but lose money with the legalization of medical marijuana! Private prisons, police unions, and prison guard unions are, not surprisingly against legalization of any kind.

Why shouldn’t they be?

One of my earlier articles quoted marijuana as being the factor for arrest in more than 40% of the detainees. Legalization would effectively decrease the amount of arrests. Fewer arrests, fewer guards. Fewer guards, fewer prisons. Are you following that? Pretty self-explanatory, right?

The Top 5 Industries lobbying for marijuana (medicinal or not) to remain illegal is rounded off by: Big Pharma and The Alcohol, Beer, and Tobacco Industry… Why am I not surprised?!

Big Pharma ( Big Pharma Manufacturers ) is a multi-billion dollar industry which makes its money off of medicines and machines. Anti-depressants and narcotic pain pills are two of the most prescribed pills after only lipid regulators.

In 2010, 253.6 million prescriptions were filled for anti-depressants. If all 50 states went legal, in the first year alone we could save more than 12,500 prescriptions. (12,500 prescriptions multiplied by $10 each, equals $125,000)

Also, 244,300 prescriptions for narcotic pain relievers were filled. Again, the first year would show us a whopping 900,000 prescriptions not being filled. (1800 prescriptions multiplied  by 10 doctors in 50 states, equals 900,000 prescriptions)

Big Pharma does not like the fact that nature is providing us a vastly safer, totally unregulated remedy for many of the ailments for which Big Pharma and the FDA are getting BIG bucks.

They are trying to ban industrial hemp CBD based on the fact that it is actually helping and therefore must be a drug. Warnings and threats of repercussions have been lobbed at the manufacturers and suppliers hoping to stymie the influx of their mortal enemy, Mother Nature’s Own cannabinoids.

Wait...isn’t that more than are already being filled? Uh, Houston, I think I found the problem.

Big Pharma does not like the fact that nature is providing us a vastly safer, totally unregulated remedy for many of the ailments for which Big Pharma and the FDA are getting BIG bucks.

They are trying to ban industrial hemp CBD based on the fact that it is actually helping and therefore must be a drug. Warnings and threats of repercussions have been lobbed at the manufacturers and suppliers hoping to stymie the influx of their mortal enemy, Mother Nature’s Own cannabinoids.

The gestapo tactics being used range from intimidation to fines and penalties.

Letters intending to intimidate and bully suppliers into caving to their demands are surfacing in surprising number. The FDA website has several such letters listed on their website available for our reading displeasure.

The tobacco and alcohol industries are siding with Big Pharma. Rightly so. Once legal, they fear that their revenue will also fall. Unfortunately, I do not think this will be the case.

While cigarette sales may fall, per se, I doubt there will be a significant decrease. I can totally see them making up the difference by selling us prerolled premium cannabinoid bud. I know there are currently Marlboro M’s on the market in at least 4 states. Also, I know there are many tobacco companies for which business will greatly improve once it is legalized (Phillies, Good Times, Swisher Sweets). Can’t have a blunt without a blunt wrapper, after all.

Alcohol, or Big Al, may have a tougher sell for me. I am not a big fan of drinking until I hoark a lung. I do like a nice bottle of wine. As for beer, Big Al (Coors, Bud, Miller, etc.) is all weak, watery, and taste like shit. I have found there are quite a few great lagers and brews, but I can live without beer.

Please, no hate mail!

I am fully aware that my dislike of beer is completely irrational for some. That is not to state I do not drink it, I just prefer something else. All in all, the biggest lobbyist against the legalization of marijuana is Big Pharma. The ones set to lose the most are the ones fighting the hardest to prevent the legalization of the cannabinoids, THC, CBD, and marijuana.

With millions being lost every year to a natural alternative, Big Pharma and the FDA are terrified. They should be. Marijuana legalization is a hot plate issue. Everyone has an opinion. The politicians pander to the lobbyist. The lobbyist are bought by the protesters.

Regardless of your belief as to whether it should be recreationally legalized, one cannot deny the medical benefits being experienced worldwide. This is not just an issue in America. This really is a world issue. If we can get medical legalization in all 50 states, we will be able to, in the very least, decrease the number of people becoming addicted to pain pills. That, in itself, is huge.

We can talk until we are blue in the face about what we would like to see done. We can allow our choices to be dictated for us or we can stand for what we want. Without our united voices, we cannot hope to see change quickly.

Change will come. The victories will be hard fought and arduous.

Many people who would otherwise benefit from medical marijuana are being railroaded into compliance by the FDA and Big Pharma while we bicker over bragging rights.

If Big Pharma can produce something similar, have at it! Allow people the option of chemical or natural. I am sure there would be ways they could incorporate the benefits into other medications without cutting off the rest of the population from that which is already working.

Big Pharma, the FDA, and those most likely to lose are the ones making the choices for the rest of us. Where does their interest lay? Their actions show they are out to make sure their pockets are getting lined. Their drugs are the ones getting prescribed. Their profits are taking the hit and the American public is paying the price.



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