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Ted Nugent: Canada Is Absolutely Crazy For Legalizing Cannabis

Ted Nugent, the renowned musician, has sparked controversy with his recent remarks about Canada’s decision to legalize cannabis. During an interview on “Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon,” Nugent expressed his opinion that legalizing cannabis was an “absolutely crazy” move by Canada.

Nugent’s Stance on Cannabis

Nugent believes there are no positive outcomes from getting high. Canada legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational use in October.

Although various states in the U.S have legalized marijuana in some form, it continues to be prohibited at a federal level.

When queried about his stand on the nationwide legalization of cannabis in the U.S, Nugent remarked that he found Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to be “comfortably numb” and that endorsing the recreational use of marijuana was a misguided decision. He further asserted that he has never seen any positive results from using cannabis recreationally.

Nugent’s Concerns about Cannabis Use

In the same discussion, Nugent raised concerns about the implications of widespread marijuana usage, asking rhetorically, “Whom do you want high? Your babysitter? How about your kids’ school bus driver? How about your pilot? How about your dentist comfortably numb? How about the cops high?”

He showed his disbelief towards the willingness of some to risk the “heartbreak and destroyed lives” that, in his opinion, are associated with the use of mind-altering substances. Nugent did, however, voice support for the use of cannabis for medical purposes, indicating that it should be made available only for patients who genuinely require it.

Nugent argues that legalizing cannabis for recreational use will inevitably result in heartbreak and sorrow for families nationwide. He even controversially claimed, without any substantiating evidence, that there has been an almost 200% increase in road accidents since the legalization of cannabis.

Despite the lack of factual basis, Nugent’s bold statement is expected to stir debate among supporters of cannabis, particularly given its increasing acceptance and legalization in several parts of the world.

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