Tutankhamon - International Highlife


Type Sativa
Yield 500+ g/m²
Lineage AK-47
Flavor Earthy
Effects Stress

General info

Tutankhamon, otherwise known as King Tut, has one of the highest THC percentages on the canna market today. Created by the geniuses at Pyramid seeds in Barcelona, Tutankhamon is a highly sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers a peaceful, uplifting, and dreamy dose whenever you need it most.

Quick to take effect and long lasting, Tutankhamon leaves the user feeling fresh, clear, loose, and ready to rumble. Even the most veteran of canna connoisseurs recognize and love this strain for the strong effects and positive, social vibes it offers. It also lends itself to creativity, so if you have a project that needs some artistic vision, grab some King Tut and get going.

It is important to note right from the beginning of this review that this is a very strong strain of cannabis, and must be used sparingly at first if you are a novice. Some tests have shown THC levels of over 30 percent!

Those of you who aren’t so new to the canna game know that some strains are stronger than others. You also know that each strain should be used with care until you are comfortable with the way it makes you feel. Tutankhamon is the perfect example of this and, just like its namesake who ruled over Egypt, is revered for its power, fortitude, and introspection.

Get ready to be transported through time; here comes King Tut!

Grow info

Tutankhamon is an autoflower strain, which means that the plant will move into its flowering stage automatically without any light adjustment at all. This means that this plant is extremely easy to grow if you are a novice cultivator or if you don’t have perfect growing conditions. Autoflower plants like to grow in stable temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees, and King Tut is no exception.

This strain is compact in size with abundant branches that will, during flowering, hang heavy with buds and produce high yields. Because of this, it is important to amend your fertilizer with ample amounts of silica to encourage strong stalks and branches. Because no one wants their plants to topple over from the weight of all of that goodness, it is crucial to fertilize accordingly to encourage optimum growth.

Tutankhamon grows well indoors or outdoors, but is prone to certain fungal diseases, so it needs ample ventilation and lower levels of humidity to remain disease-free. Because this plant is so compact and full of leaves and buds, ventilation is key, as is pruning off a few of the larger fan leaves. Give this beauty the proper growing climate, and your yield will be fast, maturing in some cases in only eight weeks. It might also shock growers when they see that they can yield upwards of 19 to 21 ounces per square meter, which equates to anywhere from 35 to 53 ounces per plant!

Flowering Time – 56 to 63 days
Indoor yield – 19 to 21 ounces/sq. meter
Outdoor – 18 to 53 ounces/plant
THC – 16% to 35%
CBD – 0.1% to 0.4%
Sativa/Indica – 80%/20%

When still on the plant, King Tut’s buds are large, dense, and numerous. They are bright green, covered in crystals, and full of amber hair. When harvested and cured, these buds are truly a thing of beauty. They hold their resin, get a bit denser, and the orange hair changes into a much more vibrant color. When looked at with a magnifying glass, each bud drips with resin and is beautiful.

In terms of aroma, Tutankhamon stays true to its name. Like the tombs of the pharaohs, this strain gives off an earthy, skunky smell with hints of almost floral smells. The high concentration of Humulene terpenes makess this a rich and deep, distinctive aroma.

As if there was any doubt, Tutankhamon is a cultivators dream.

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7-9 weeks
10-12 weeks
12+ weeks
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250 - 400 g/m²
400 - 500 g/m²
500+ g/m²







Tested on 11/10/2014 by Analytical360 in Washington, Tutankhamon was found to have 24.02% THC and 0.17% CBD levels. Cannabinoid activated totals were 24.70%. Terpene totals were 2.36%, with primary concentrations of Humulene and Myrcene.


When other strains just don’t quite have what you need, Tutankhamon delivers. Due to its crazy high levels of THC, this is an intense experience that should be used carefully until its effects become familiar.

Initially, the user will immediately feel relaxed, happy, almost euphoric. Many describe the beginning of the experience as a head high, beginning right behind the eyes and moving through the brain and body quickly.

As it travels throughout the body, many describe feelings of being loose and much more comfortable in their skin. They also noted that, as the high progresses, they begin to feel very mentally clear and focused, and become more social and creative.

At its peak, users will feel motivated and energetic, able to get out and get going.

Again it is important to stress the power that these high THC levels have on the body and brain. Some might think that the psychoactive properties might be a little too strong for them. They might begin to feel paranoid or nervous. Some users have even reported that they feel a little dizzy, but that it dissipates after a little while.

Overall, the power that Tutankhamon has is undeniable. Start slow and proceed with caution. But, whatever you do, enjoy the ride.

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