Cannabis Enthusiasts Flock to Walmart for Its Rosin Press

July 10, 2017


Walmart is getting in on the game of cannabis retail, and dabbers are ditching their hair straighteners and flocking to the retail giant to up the ante on their rosin dabs.

There’s no doubt that the world’s best-known department store will be seeing an increase in traffic to their website as curious cannabis culture enthusiasts check out if the pot-buzz around Walmart it’s true.

All You Need for Extraction, Right in One Aisle

Listing 2 options for the “Rosineer”, Walmart’s catalog is offering the tool for “pressing plant extraction oil” and isn’t taking too many steps to cover up what it’s for.

It even comes with a “dabber tool” making Walmart’s offering one that cannabis enthusiasts can’t pass up.

As of the writing of this article, the link to the cheaper, $299 version of the extraction tool seems to be having technical difficulties, leaving consumers to wonder if Walmart has reconsidered its approach to cannabis with all the publicity over the Rosineer.

Rosin is Not for Violin Strings

Rosin, whose word origins refer to oil used to lubricate violin strings, is a shatter-like substance that is extracted from various forms of cannabis using heat and high pressure. You will be able to find more info in our dabbing guide.

When it first came on the scene as dabbing became serious business for pot smokers, hair straighteners and parchment paper became the DIY tools for rosin extraction.

Now women can stop ruining their straighteners, and stop wasting bud through the more efficient Rosineer rosin press, as described in Walmart’s own words!

While one of the most common forms of cannabis extract once was BHO, Butane Hash Oil, rosin is popular among those who shy away from the extractions that use solvents and aren’t always the safest in extraction processes.

As a result, rosin has become popular for its solventless process and the high-quality product that results from heat and pressure extraction.

More Mainstream Retailers Taking on Cannabis?

The decision for Walmart to offer the Rosineer rosin press is an effort to keep up with competitors such as Amazon, who also carries the product.

While it’s not illegal to sell extraction tools for “plants”, Walmart could come under fire by more conservative shoppers who aren’t pleased to see their favorite retailer offer such accessories.

For others, Walmart’s offering of the Rosineer for perfect bud extraction at a decent price has the retailer living up to its slogan of “save money, live better”.



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