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Cannabutter: A How-To Guide

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  • 1/2 oz Cannabis Flowers

  • 1 Cup Butter (unsalted or salted)


  • Decarboxylate your weed by spreading the cannabis flower evenly on a cookie sheet with aluminum foil.
  • Place in the oven at 240F, for 40-45 minutes
  • Grind your cannabis until it's fine.
  • Place the dried cannabis in a large mason jar, add butter and seal the lid on top. 
  • Place your closed jar in cold water, in a cooking pot, and let it come to a boil - and keep it boiling for about 2-3 hours - watch carefully.
  • Let it cool down, and strain your butter with a cheesecloth into a bowl.
  • Pour into butter moulds and place into the fridge, or ice cube trays into the freezer so you have about 1 tbsp of cannabutter per ice cub compartment.


  • This recipe is a relatively easy recipe to make for beginners and cannabis chefs alike!


If you’ve ever wanted to make weed butter, but you’ve never found the right recipe for success, then keep reading as we highlight Cannabutter: A How-To Guide.

Simple, easy and frustration-free, our recipe, when followed step-by-step, will yield the most perfect cannabis butter you’ve ever had!

With just a few essential utensils, an oven and some patience – just about anybody can make cannabutter at home.

And if you’ve never made it before, it’s about ‘high’ time you did.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

A few things are needed before you get started and they always say preparation is key – so bookmark this blog, or take a screenshot with your smartphone and make sure you have everything listed below.

  1. Cannabis flower of choice – remember to choose a strain that you know will produce certain effects such as relaxation or energy, for example.
  2. Cookie sheet or silicone baking sheet.
  3. Aluminum Foil (if using a regular cookie sheet).
  4. Butter – I recommend grabbing both salted and unsalted – that way you can use it for both cooking and baking edible recipes.
  5. Proper butter moulds or Ice Cube Trays.
  6. Plastic Wrap.
  7. Spatula & Bowl.

What Else Should I Know Before Making Weed Butter?

Decarboxylation – never heard this term before? Or maybe you have, but you thought it was okay to skip this step. This is single-handedly one of the most important steps when creating any kind of weed edible.

What Exactly Is Decarboxylation? THC needs to morph or change from its acidic form to its psychoactive form – meaning, it has to be heated to activate the THC. Once you have decarbed weed, you can create millions of tasty weed edible recipes.

Cannabis Butter Recipe

Try this recipe at home today – and create so many other delicious recipes like cookies, cakes, bullet-proof coffee, muffins, pastries, and even bud-for-breakfast!

Recipe Highlights:

1. Stay In The Kitchen – when you’re in the kitchen making cannabis butter, one of the most important things is to stay in the kitchen.

2. Keep  Your Eyes On The Prize – you’ll want to keep an eye on your oven temp, and ensure that your weed doesn’t burn while decarbing. Some ovens run hot, and others take a long time to heat up.

3. Check The Temp – an internal thermometer is always a good idea- just to ensure you have the right temperature – because that really is what makes or breaks your weed when decarbing.

4. Have Tools Ready – make sure you put everything ready so you don’t need to search for that missing spatula or the aluminum foil you need to cover the cookie sheet with. Being prepared is the ticket.


Interested in more information about how to properly decarboxylate your weed, click here. 

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