Smoking Your RAW Papers Brings Clean Water to Africa

August 15, 2017


Every cannabis connoisseur is familiar with the products of RAW Papers and their awesome variety of smoking papers and accessories, but less are likely aware of the over 10,000 lives the company has changed.

The RAW Foundation, the charitable branch of the cannabis accessories company just finished the construction of 10 wells in Ethiopia that will bring fresh and clean water to 3,350 Ethiopians.

Meeting a Defined Need

Ethiopia’s just under 10-million citizens have struggled with a chronic lack of access to clean water. Oftentimes, families are forced to pull their children from schools and educational pursuits to be involved in the daily trek for water, extending kilometers.

43% of the population does not have access to clean and safe water, and waterborne illness remain to be a leading cause of death among the country’s citizens.

In addition to the 10 new wells built within certain pockets of Ethiopia, 550 local men and women will be provided with educational programs that will teach them about sanitation and how to prevent illnesses like typhoid and diarrhea. The project cost The RAW Foundation $70,000 to execute.

Making Worldwide Impact

The RAW Foundation has secured its global footprint across the world, conducting projects in Ethiopia, Peru/Amazon, Kenya, Uganda, Balikids, the Philippines and the Sumatra.

Projects have ranged from supplying meals to malnourished children, sponsorship of orphanage community outreach programs, sponsoring permaculture education programs, and many other water filtration and access projects across the abovementioned geographical areas.

How Can You Help?

The RAW Foundation is not supported on direct donations, but rather on people continuing to buy their products and remain loyal to the brand. So, if you want to help RAW make a global impact, smoke more weed! 😀



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