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Method Man Says He Quit Smoking Weed To Film ‘How High’

When he was filming the legendary stoner movie How High with Redman in 2001, Method Man briefly gave up the weed.

Method Man said on the Kitchen Talk podcast that the two rappers had to stop smoking real weed during the first half of filming because they would be too high by lunchtime. The movie, in which they play chronic cannabis users who smoke their dead friend’s ashes, will mark its 21st anniversary on December 21.

“At first yeah,” Meth said when asked by Maino at the hour mark if he smoked real weed throughout the film. “Hell yeah! And they was like, ‘you guys are so spot on in the morning but after lunch you come back something’s different.’”

He continued, “The producer Stacey Sher I remember she pulled me to the side and she was like, ‘You know after this I’m gonna still be a producer, my face isn’t on the screen, but I’ll get my credit. That’s your face on the screen. How do you wanna be seen?’ You right, you right.”

Method Man continued by that that was the only time he had quit and that he had kept smoking even after getting COVID-19.

The Wu-Tang Clan musician has had a long-running, lucrative career in movies. In a separate interview with Sherri Shepherd in November, he claimed that many rappers can easily switch to acting since they are such skilled liars.

“I think a lot of rappers are great liars,” he quipped. “I’ll just keep it a buck, a lot of them are great liars, and I think that translates on screen. Honestly, it’s more of being able to stand in front of 15,000 or 1,500 people and command their attention.

“Even like when people do plays. We know that the scenery isn’t moving and we know that they’re not on an actual moving train, but we’re so intrigued by the actors and the process that’s going on in front of us that we allow ourselves to fall deeper into our imaginations.”

Meth has carved out a recurring role as a mainstay in 50 Cent’s Power world as attorney David Maclean, and has starred in other blockbusters such as Soul PlaneScary Movie 3, and others.

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