Using a basic hydroponics system to grow your cannabis at home can give you a fantastic harvest. And the best news of all is that building your very own hydro setup isn’t nearly as hard as it might sound. If you follow the steps in this hydroponics for dummies guide, you’ll be ready to start growing your own high-yield cannabis all year long.

Part 1 of 2: Build a Hydroponics System

Materials You’ll Need:

1. Cut Holes Into The Plastic Tote

Hydroponics Guide For Beginners

Arrange your net pots on the lid of the tote so that they’re equally spaced out. Now use your marker to trace around the bottom of each pot.

You should now have eight circles traced out on the lid. Use your box cutter or your drill with a hole saw attachment to cut out each of the circles carefully.

We will outline the second of four steps on the next page.