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How To Find A Cannabis Shop Near Me In Thailand

The legalization of cannabis may be new to Thailand since June 9th, but it’s easy to find the many available dispensaries using Google Maps.

The most reliable source to find cannabis for sale is searching on Google while in Thailand. You can learn a lot from the reviews left by the customers of cannabis shop options on Google. We also left a ton of reviews to help tourists visit. There is a ton of insight available about the quality of cannabis and customer service.

You can also learn about the menu for cannabis stores that do not have a website yet. It’s pretty common for dispensaries in Thailand not to have a website and instead have an Instagram or Facebook. 

So, when looking for a cannabis shop near me, Google Maps will quickly show all the surrounding dispensaries with a simple search. We recommend searching with the following keyword phrases, “dispensary,” “cannabis store,” cannabis shop,” and “weed delivery.” These keywords will unlock cannabis stores nearby and delivery services.

Although there is a lot of insight from the reviews, we discovered that some negative comments were inaccurate from our own experience. Therefore, we highly recommend giving a dispensary a chance if they have a couple of negative reviews, but mostly positive ones. 

Although many of these cannabis stores are brand new, many have already earned a reputation. Some dispensaries in Thailand already have hundreds of positive reviews and comments. It was easy to identify the most popular based on these reviews, and we had a great experience visiting these highly rated cannabis stores. We encourage you to leave behind your reviews, which will help others look for an excellent dispensary to buy weed. 

Google Maps Chat Feature

google chat

You can send a message to any cannabis stores or delivery services using the chat feature in Google Maps. Most will respond promptly, too, and answer any of your questions.

We tried this chat feature with multiple dispensaries that did not have a menu or website, and they quickly sent out their menu to us. We even requested additional photos of the cannabis buds we were interested in and promptly received clear images. These other photos sent helped us make our final purchasing decision. This can help when there isn’t an actual cannabis storefront to visit and see the cannabis in person.

Do Not Use Website Directories 

We do not recommend using websites with directories of cannabis stores in Thailand; they are mostly inaccurate and outdated. They are mostly just pushed live, so they can get traffic to their website and offer little to no helpful information. They will not provide the same insightful information or communication as Google Maps. Perhaps there will be one in the future, but there isn’t during this time like Weed maps in the USA. 

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