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Get Paid To Smoke Weed? California Company Seeks Intern To Test Cannabis For 3 Months

A Los Angeles-based weed delivery service is hiring a paid intern for three months to test its products and write reviews about the tested products.

Emjay CEO Chris Vaughn told USA TODAY his weed company had a successful 2020, is growing and wants to “transfer that into a really fun experience.”

The desire to create the position is similar to wine tasting in that there are so many new products being released so frequently, and Vaughn said his company wants to know what the experience is like to sell for customers.

“We have to be trying these new products. We have to see what’s good and what we think people will like. We have to write reviews about these things,” Vaughn said. “It could be an amazing summer internship at a company.”

The job will pay $15 an hour for up to 16 hours a week, and applicants must include a one-page writing sample or a video shorter than 4 minutes and 20 seconds detailing why they are perfect for the role.

Those who wish to apply must be at least 21 and be a California resident, and the company wants someone who isn’t casually into marijuana products.

“It’s really somebody who is very in tune with how certain things impact their body. It’s someone who’s really in tune with effects, but more importantly, is very clearly able to communicate, write down the exact impact and effect of any given product,” Vaughn said.

For those wondering, the hours on the clock won’t just be for trying any and all of the cannabis products one by one. Vaughn said the daily amount of testing will depend on what the intern is using, because some products can give an energetic high and others can be used as a sleep aid.

Though there is no set limit on how much one person should try to review, Emjay says it sells more than 600 different products. Edibles, vapes and flowers are just some of the things the intern will try.

“It’ll be fascinating to get the feedback from whoever we find is the best fit,” Vaughn said. “(Cannabis) can have widely varying effects on sleep, mood and behavior, and we’re really excited to see how one person is able to report back on how these different things affected them.”

You can apply for this dream job here.

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