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Unprecedented in the USA: Oregon Calling to Decriminalize All Drugs

Oregon is moving towards becoming the first state to decriminalize personal use amounts of all drugs

2 responses to “Unprecedented in the USA: Oregon Calling to Decriminalize All Drugs”

  1. Flore45 says:

    All drugs? I don’t think that is a good ideea…

  2. Jessica Stringer says:

    Becuz I was an addict in the state I live in I ended up in with a prison record. Now reguardless of my extentsive work record, I can no longer get any job, let alone a decent job inspite of being sober for 34 months plus handling all of my probation requirements. Yes, I understand if u play u pay but addiction is a disease. Now I must make a choice of staying legit but broke and starving with the possibility of going back to prison cuz i cant pay up or going back to illegitimate means to make money plus feed into my addiction with also the risk of going back. Makes it hard to be sober while being stressed depressed and hungry

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