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Coffeeshop Terps Army is located on Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 32HS in the centre of Amsterdam.

It’s a fairly new coffee shop that underwent a rebranding. It was previously named El Guapo. The shop is now run by Italians that gave it a solid facelift.

The owner owns the popular cannabis Instagram account @Terpsarmy. You’ll find its logo on the shop’s branding.

The shop is small with a few seats to the left and right leading to the dealer bar. In front of the shop, you have one table to sit outside. The area isn’t the best, but their selection of cannabis makes it all up for that.

The menu is split into two lists with either dutch cannabis and Cali strains.

The dutch grown strains mostly go for 13 to 17 euro.

They have an extensive list of famous brands/strains like Zkittlez and Kush. The Californian strains are priced a little higher, with prices around 25 Euro per gram.
You can find names like Blue Zushi and Blue Zkittlez on an often-changing menu.

If you’re looking for drysiffs or isolators you’re at the correct address.

They have a solid selection of products, but they are also pricey. A piece of concentrated isolator hash goes for 100 Euro. Pretty steep, but the quality is excellent.

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