As reported by The Sun, a British designer is facing the death penalty in Bali after being accused of smuggling drugs into the country, Indonesian officials say.

The 45-year-old man, who has not been named, was collared after he received a package containing bottles of cannabis oil from Thailand, it is claimed.

The man had to appear at a Bali police station on Thursday alongside four other foreign men (from China, Germany, Malaysia and Peru) accused of trafficking different kind of drugs.

Indonesia has strict drug laws, and it routinely executes people convicted of smuggling or dealing.

Local media said the Brit was arrested after a package from Thailand was intercepted at a post office in Renon, Bali, on November 30. Police claim the package was addressed to the British man, and an X-ray revealed that it contained two bottles with a yellowish, thick liquid, Merdeka reports. The liquid, weighing over 30kg, was tested and it was confirmed to be cannabis, according to Balinese cops.

Foreigners are regularly caught trying to bring drugs into Bali, which draws millions of visitors annually.