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Aurora Shuts Down a part of the company

Aurora Cannabis Announces Indefinite Pause To Operations

Medicine Hat Facility to lay off staff after Aurora announces indefinite pause to operations

Aurora Cannabis Inc., one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, has announced that it is pausing operations at their facilities in Medicine Hat, Alberta, indefinitely, and as a result will be laying off about 30 of their staff.

According to the company’s spokeswoman, Michelle Lefler, this is expected to be complete around December 18, and that the measures being taken are part of a review being conducted by the company, to ensure that all of its operations fit into its current and future business strategies. Furthermore, this change will help the company make adjustment to fit the recent shifts in the industry. 

Back in June of 2020, Aurora laid off around 700 workers and had announced their plans to cease operations at 5 of their facilities; in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta. In addition, they said that they also had plans to consolidate the manufacturing and production at four of their facilities in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. 

Aurora’s shares had an 11% gain and rose to $15.25 on Monday on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  

The company incurred losses of $3.3 billion in its 2020 fiscal year, which included $1.86 billion in its latest quarter. 

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