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Ashton Kutcher Got So High From An Edible Once He Forgot He Was Rich AF

According to Ashton Kutcher, he once got so high that it made him give up all drugs for the last ten years.

Kutcher told Esquire about a bad edibles trip. The That ’70s Show veteran revealed that because of his negative experience, he decided to give up cannabis permanently.

The Esquire article delves deeply into the actor’s occasionally tumultuous life and includes Kutcher’s candid discussion of his intensely monitored relationship and subsequent breakup with Demi Moore. For our purposes, however, it’s a status update on a famous Hollywood stoner icon’s changing connection with weedthat played an integral role in his rise to fame.

How’d the unfortunate 420 experience go down? Kutcher and his boo Mila Kunis (remember, That ‘70s Show’s Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart are now married in real life) were in Italy for a friend’s wedding when Kutcher, who was fresh off a vasectomy, decided to eat a cannabis edible.

“That shit did not go well,” Kutcher said to Esquire.

Apparently, after ingesting the product, Kutcher began losing feeling below the waist — potentially, a psychosomatic reaction over his recently nipped status down there. Once Kunis guided Kutcher back to their hotel room, he began fixating on their financial status. He recalled that one such thought ricocheting around his head was, “We can’t even afford to be here right now!”

We all know what can happen if you consume too much THC. If you or a loved one want to consume weed, the first thing you need to determine is your tolerance level, in addition to the amount of THC present in the snack of your choice.

The experience was disturbing enough that Kutcher decided that was that: He was done with weed. Of course, sounds like he’s been phasing most psychoactive substances out of his life for a while — before recalling the Italian wedding story, he told Esquire, “I haven’t done a drug in ten years.”

Kutcher’s decision to abstain from weed is kind of a big deal, given that he rose to stoner icon status with not just the doobie-ripping Kelso character on That ‘70s Show but also with a star turn in 2000’s ridiculous comedy Dude, Where’s My Car?

Have you ever gotten too high from canna edibles? Let us know in the comments.

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