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World’s Biggest Space Cake by ZUYA Marks the Beginning of the Holidays in Zürich

Celebrate the start of the holidays at the Christmas Market in Zürich this Sunday with a slice of the world’s biggest Space Cake baked by ZUYA, Switzerland’s hemp collective.

Sunday, December 17 at 12:00 noon, Zürich will be treated to a 15-meter long cake, baked with only the finest ingredients, including Swiss CBD Hemp cultivated by the hemp enthusiasts of ZUYA.

The event will be a celebration of the oncoming season, a time for family, festivities and delicious food. It’s a recognition that the holiday season can be busy and a bit overwhelming, with Christmas shopping, meal planning, travel and the bustle of hosting family and friends.

This ZUYA Space Cake will bring those who enjoy it during this hectic time a bit of relaxation and inner Christmas-cheer, enjoying the benefits of CBD and hemp.

CBD has been celebrated for its abilities to bring calm to the mind through the endocannabinoid system and through the brain’s serotonin receptors. CBD studies reveal that the compound can increase the effectiveness of the delivery of serotonin to the serotonin receptors, resulting in an overall calm and feeling of well-being.

Participants in the ZUYA Space Cake event will be given the same recipe to be able to replicate the same cake at home for their family and friends at their Holiday celebrations and parties.

About ZUYA

ZUYA is a collective of hemp enthusiasts and growers located in the Canton of Valais, who have based their work on their fascination with the hemp plant and all the possibilities hemp brings to people’s lifestyles.

The hemp fields are cultivated by Roger and Andi, who have been growing hemp since the 1990s. They discovered the magic of CBD before the rest of Switzerland began to recognize its magical properties.

ZUYA’s products are cultivated, processed and packaged from seed to shelf, distinguishing its brand from any other hemp product in Switzerland. The ZUYA hemp is maintained wholly by ZUYA’s growers, harvested and processed by hand, producing all hemp products without pesticides. ZUYA offers both indoor- and outdoor- grown hemp, all strains that are rich in CBD.

Discover ZUYA

ZUYA takes the cultivation of hemp to new levels with the products they create. Alongside their CBD hemp buds and oils, ZUYA also produces pressed tabs for vaporizing and to use in a hookah.

A stand-out product in the ZUYA shop is their CBD Oils, which are delivered in bottles containing 600mg of CBD. Coming in flavours like rum, strawberry and natural, these oils help deliver a healthy dose of hemp CBD to the users in a convenient and tasty way.

Experts in bringing the benefits of hemp to lifestyle, ZUYA is all about infusing food products with hemp. Some of their products include hemp-infused honey, syrup, pesto sauce and spreads for bread.

The brand also carries a line of hemp accessories, from flower grinders to joint filters to rolling paper, bringing the style of ZUYA into the hemp using experience.

For users who want the convenience of CBD at their doorstep, ZUYA offers a subscription service, through which subscribers can choose the products they would like delivered to them on a regular basis. With regular subscription to ZUYA products, you can receive a 20% discount.

Switzerland has one of the most developed and sophisticated hemp CBD markets in the world. Farmers like Roger and Adi and those in the ZUYA Collective represent some of the finest cultivators in the worldwide hemp industry. With their advanced products, ZUYA seeks to be the leading CBD brand in Switzerland.

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Let’s enjoy the holidays together with a festive ZUYA Space Cake at the Christmas Market in Zürich. See you at noon this Sunday, December 17!

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