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XVape Fog Vaporizer Review

What once would have cost upwards of $400 can now be purchased for under $200. The new XVape Fog is a hybrid convection vaporizer that you can pick up for around $160. Hybrid vaporizers combine conduction and convection heating methods to deliver superior vapor. The Fog is the newest device from XVape and aims to be one of their staple devices. In this article we will be touching on the Fog’s overall build quality, vapor experience, portability, ease of use and its ​pros and cons relative to other popular vaporizers.

Product Pros

  1. Compact
  2. Simple to use
  3. Hybrid oven (convection and conduction)
  4. Interchangeable battery
  5. Attaches to water pieces via accessory
  6. Multi material
  7. Very affordable

Product Cons

  1. No app (can be controlled completely without an application)
  2. Can combust material at its highest temperature (be careful)
  3. Comes in just one color as of now

XVape Fog Review

Build Quality

XVape has been building their own brand of portable vaporizers for many years. The XVape takes the best parts of various devices and brings them together to create a true contender in the vaporizer industry. Built with a strong anodized aluminum shell the Fog is a very durable unit. The mouthpiece is not made of plastic like many of the other vaporizers which have price tags of over $250. The mouthpiece on the Fog is built with jewelry grade ceramic. This material is not only tough but contributes to a smoother draw.

The Fog has been built with very minimal moving parts. The mouthpiece/cap does not screw onto the base, instead it is magnetic allowing for quick load time and easy maintenance. Under the lid is a two compartment filter that helps to trap any particles that try and leave with the vapor. Overall the build quality of the Fog is top tier and I don’t see any real flaws in the design.

Vapor Quality

A vaporizer can be a tough as a diamond but it won’t amount to much if the vapor quality is no good. The Fog is has taken a page from the popular Crafty handheld vaporizer. Similar to the Crafty the Fog uses convection and conduction heating. As the device begins to warm up the Fog uses about 80% convection heating and throughout the course of your session this may drop to around 65-70% give or take. For those who are unfamiliar, convection heating is forced air while conduction is surface heat. Combined this allow for fast and even vaporization of your material.

The Fog uses 5 default temperature settings between 356f to 428f. ​Temperature’s are displayed by green LED lights ​located on the side of the device. When flashing the unit is heating up, when solid it has reached the set temperature. The wait time is around 40 seconds before you will be able to get a decent hit. This is pretty good considering the oven is mostly convection.

I am a bigger fan of devices that can be paired with recyclers. XVape has been sure to include this. One of the accessories that you can get to work with the Fog is a recycler (water bong) attachment. This means you can send the vapor through water filtration and ice before it hits your mouth

Another thing I should mention is the draw resistance. The Fog actually has really great draw resistance. I had no problem taking my hits and the inhalation felt pretty natural. The Crafty is really one of the only other vapes that I have been this impressed with in regards to draw resistance.


XVape has used a simple but cool device for the Fog. In my opinion it kinda looks like a race car with the air vents positioned and angled like they are. The fog is classy and simple, the 5 green lights are not too bright and add to the overall look. Engraved into the sides are the Xvape logo and some mountains. These engravings are the same color as the device and are more noticeable as your pivot the device with the reflection of light.

Ease of Use

If you have not used a vaporizer before this will be very easy for you. If you have used a vaporizer before this will be even easier. The Fog uses the common 1 button setup which performs all the actions through a series of button presses. 3 clicks will turn the device on and off, holding the button down will move the heat setting to the next highest. That’s it, you now know how to use the Fog.

You load your material into the oven located under the mouthpiece. To access it you simply give it a little pull. The lid is magnetic and will easily fall back into position. If you are wanting to vape dry herbs then simply place your material in the oven. To use the Fog with concentrates they have included a concentrate pad and a dab tool. For concentrates I recommend using the higher temperature settings.


The Fog is slightly taller than the Davinci IQ and shorter than the Starry. Both of which are extremely compact portable vaporizers. The Fog is definitely portable and you can palm it very easily. Compared to the CFV and Mighty this thing is very small.

The Fog is powerful by a 2600 mAh external battery. ​Otherwise known as the Samsung 18650 which you can find online for pretty cheap. This means you can load up on batteries and never have to worry about a dead vaporizer on a camping trip again. The Fog uses pass through charging so you can use it while it’s plugged in as well.


I am very surprised that this vaporizer costs only $160. The hybrid convection conduction oven, high build quality, strong vapor performance, interchangeable battery, and multi material capabilities justifies a higher price. One thing I can safely say is that portable vaporizers in general have come down in price while performance has gone up. Now seems like a good time to get into vaping.

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  1. tbone says:

    Can NOT use while charging! No “pass-through” charging.

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