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Willie Nelson: “Smoking Weed Saved My Life” As He Reflects Ahead Of 90th Birthday

In April, the legendary Willie Nelson will turn 90 years old.

Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90, A Star-Studded Concert Celebrating Willie’s 90th birthday, will take place over two days, and it’s only fitting that there will be a major celebration in his honor.

The performances, which will feature some incredible artists like Chris Stapleton, Kacey Musgraves, Leon Bridges, Lukas Nelson, Miranda Lambert, Sturgill Simpson, and Tyler Childers, to name a few, will take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 29th (his actual birthday) and 30th, 2023, at the legendary Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Seriously, it’s going to be amazing…

In addition to that party, Willie will be releasing a new album in March called I Don’t Know A Thing About Love, which will be his 98th studio album overall in his career.

Willie, who has lived for nearly nine decades, recently shared with E! News some of his tips for living a long and fulfilling life, beginning with his perspective and mindset:

“I wish I could tell you. I really don’t know, except that I really do believe in imagining what you want to do and let it happen.

And that’s my full philosophy and it’s working.”

I’d say that’s probably even an understatement…

He added that one of the things he’s had to work on, though, even still is just being honest with others about everything, whether it’s hurtful or not:

“Well, I believe in honesty. I believe in being truthful even when it hurts.

And I think that’s a hard one for everybody to grasp, and that’s what I keep tellin’ myself.”

And of course, he’s been a longtime advocate for marijuana and the legalization of it across the country, and even opened his own cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve, in 2015.

He credits it for saving his life, as well as other people’s lives, because it helped him majorly cut back on drinking and the dangers that come with drinking too much too often:

“Well, it not only saved my life, it probably saved some other people’s lives,” he explained, “because before I smoked marijuana, I was drinking a lot.

And I might have killed a lot of people, too. So I’m just glad that that didn’t happen. I’m glad we live through all of bad times.”

If that ain’t the most willie Nelson secret to life there is, I don’t know what could be…

But he’s a man after my heart, as he says that he’ll still have a drink of tequila every now and then, too:

“I still take a drink of tequila occasionally, but not like I used to.”

And when asked what he wanted his legacy to be, it’s pretty simple…

“Oh, that I always showed up.”

You can check the full interview here:


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