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Willie Nelson Says He’s The “Chief Tester” At His Weed Company

Unlike his celebrity counterparts who often merely endorse brands, music legend Willie Nelson has an integral role in his cannabis company.

Willie’s Reserve: A Peek into Nelson’s Cannabis Venture

The 86-year-old singer-songwriter delved into a conversation about his cannabis brand, Willie’s Reserve, on a recent episode of The Tonight Show.

A Unique Role in the Cannabis Industry

Addressing host Jimmy Fallon, Nelson confessed to being the “chief tester” in his company, admitting, “I haven’t run across any [cannabis strains] that I didn’t like.”

Cannabis: The Life-Saver for Willie Nelson

In the May issue of Rolling Stone, Nelson had previously expressed how cannabis had significantly impacted his life, a sentiment reiterated during his Tonight Show interview.

From Cigarette Packs to Cannabis: A Health Revolution

Nelson revealed his struggles with tobacco and alcohol, sharing how he once smoked two to three packs of cigarettes daily and frequently consumed alcohol. This lifestyle had severe health implications, including multiple instances of pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and even a brush with death.

The Shift to Cannabis: A Healthier Choice

The music star had an epiphany, “I ain’t getting that high off of Chesterfields.” This realization marked a pivotal change – he quit cigarettes, replaced them with 20 rolled joints, and hasn’t smoked since.

A Love for Horses: Nelson’s Off-Stage Passion

In the same episode of The Tonight Show, Nelson performed a cover of the Guy Clark song “My Favorite Picture of You,” featured on his latest album, Ride Me Back Home. The album cover displays a photo of Nelson with a horse called “Old Blue.” Nelson also shared his passion for rescuing horses set for slaughter, contributing to the cause with the help of Habitat for Horses.

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