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White Runtz Weed Strain Review – Find Out What’s Behind This Hype Strain

A few days ago, we visited the Cookies store located in the Bay Area to pick up some White Runtz weed.

This fruity-tasting flavor is extremely popular in California right now, and that’s because of its sweetness and potency. There’s an entire story behind the Runtz weed strain and the battle against a flood of counterfeits.

To summarize the story up, the cannabis strain came from California. The creator behind the catchy name is the artist Young Lb, who had known Berner before he created the Runtz brand through music.

Today, you can buy the original Runtz at Cookies Stores in multiple states across America. 

An eighth of White Runtz Cost $80 with taxes


Before the taxes and local fees on cannabis purchases, the price of white Runtz is $60. The total price of an eighth of White Runtz including taxes will cost you $80. We visited our local Hayward Cookies store and picked up an authentic eighth of White Runtz for this review.

As we previously mentioned, there are many counterfeits of this popular strain.

We will explain how you can distinguish the real Runtz from the fake ones below.

Cookies Store


Inside, the actual cookies store is extremely nice. It is the nicest dispensary I have visited yet. I have visited both Haborsides in the Bay Area, Purple Lotus, Elemental wellness, and Garden of Eden but Cookies is by far the nicest among them all.

The parking experience is really easy, and you’re met with a security guard checking with a metal detector for weapons. Be prepared to give your ID to the person inside upon entering. The entire experience was outstanding. I met with help as soon as I walked in, placing my order on an iPad. All I had to do was walk up to the counter and pay for it. I wanted to buy Pink runtz, but they didn’t have it with high potency. So decided to go with the White Runtz strain for this review which was a great decision. 

Unfortunately, there were no first-time gifts or discounts that a lot of cannabis dispensaries typically have. 

White Runtz Genetics


The actual Runtz strain is a cross between Zkittlez and Gelatto #33. It’s definitely a must-try for any cannabis connoisseur who is after the best flavors and highest potencies pushed to their limits.

There are, of course, different cannabis brands that have made their own White Runtz, and they can be found with indoor and outdoor options. The Cookies brand offers both as well, indoor and out options are available. 

THC Potency

The potency on the label was an impressive 32% THC. It truly is some powerful cannabis that will get you higher than regular cannabis with lower potency percentages of THC.

We smoked this using a glass pipe to get the best flavor possible from this top-shelf strain. 

Sweet Weed Strain 

The White Runtz strain has a sweet flavor that is not overpowering. It’s more of a settled sweetness that leaves a fruity aftertaste upon exhaling the smoke. This type of high-quality cannabis is great for vaping and has fruity aromas right out the bag. Smoking the Runtz weed is a real treat and is the perfect strain for the weekend or any special occasion. We suggest smoking this sweet weed strain using a bong too. 

What does it look like?


The White Runtz weed strain has multiple colors of green and purple. It also has little bits of orange hair that make this cannabis look like some fire. It’s also very sticky to the touch, and the nugs are chunky too. There are a lot of trichomes, too, showing its high potency. 

The packaging it came inside was a purple Mylar bag that was soft to touch. It has cursive words White Runtz across the middle of the bag. There is also a holographic shiny circle-shaped sticker on the top left of the bag. The net weight we purchased was 3.5 grams.

Below is a video of the White Runtz cannabis strain being broken apart and put into a grinder. This video will show how it has a lot of trichomes inside it too. Each hit from this sweet strain weed will not only taste good but provide a premium high that’s felt instantly.

It’s definitely a designer weed that’s worth the extra bucks to acquire. The price is not practical for those looking for an affordable option for smoking often.

In case you’re wondering if this bud is all hype, it certainly is not. If you want to spend $80 for an eight is another story of course. What can be said is, that this strain has proven to be worth the premium price in exchange for a strong and tasty smoking experience for a lot of smokers.

Lets us know if you have tried some real White Runtz or came across some fakes. 

Fun Fact:

Did you know that White Runtz came from the hip hop artist Dollas Up Nero. Part of the original runtz team, he helped contribute to this strain’s name that surged in popularity. Source, we know some original Runtz team. Visiting the IG of Nero will show him wearing a Runtz jewelry pedant made by Young LB and distributed to the entire team, including Berner. 

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