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What is Reggie Weed (And Why You Should Not Smoke It)

Depending on where you live, you might be smoking reggie weed every day and not even know it. In the black market, reggie weed is everywhere. It’s so predominant in some places that you might have smoked anything else in your professional weed-smoking career. If you’ve got a baggie in front of you and suspect foul play in your business transaction, here is the low down on reggie weed.

Reggie Weed Definition

Essentially, reggie weed means regular weed. It’s low quality, has low potency, and is nothing to write home about. If you are lucky enough to live in Canada or a legal state like Oregon, reggie weed isn’t a problem. But, if you live in a regional backwater with no access to a dispensary or high-quality product, it might be all you can get.

Worried about accidentally getting low-quality weed when you’ve paid for something better? Look out for the following discrepancies:

  • Unappealing color (yellow, brown, murky)
  • Unappetizing aroma (stale, musty, or no smell at all)
  • Low potency
  • Loose nugs
  • Extremely dry and brittle

The History of Reggie Weed


Reggie weed wasn’t even an issue until the average quality of cannabis started to improve with legalization. With cultivators growing in the open, they could throw time and money to improve overall quality, no more hiding their operations in their basement. With access to improved technology and strict testing, growing in the open means an overall much better product.

Reggie weed originally was often also brick weed. Brick weed, for the uninitiated, is a low-grade product condensed into a vacuum-sealed brick of marijuana. Picture the bricks of weed shown on televisions programs like Narcos. You get the picture. Its packaged for high volume, discrete product shipping. It’s not beautiful, and the packaging does nothing for preserving the quality of the product. But brick weed is super dry, super lightweight, and easy to pack. Hence, why some black market growers still rely on it.

What Does Reggie Weed Taste Like?

If you’ve never tasted anything else, you’ll probably think reggie weed tastes, well, just like weed. However, if you are more accustomed to a higher grade product, the taste is one of the easiest ways to tell you’ve got a handful of bad products.
Reggie weed tastes off. It tastes like a nug you’ve dug out from under the couch. Like it’s been sitting around for weeks, months even. It likely will have a mild musty flavor profile, and you won’t be able to taste any of the delicious nuanced terpenes. Blueberry? Pineapple? Pine? More like basement carpet, rotting compost, and mildew.

Some reggie weed has been stored improperly for so long that you won’t get any flavors at all, even bad ones. Instead of tasting the plant, you’ll only taste smoke. Considering the alternative, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s still not what you paid for. The best part of weed is its subtle flavor profiles, thanks to the hundreds of aromatic essential oils.

What Does Reggie Weed Look Like?

In a side-by-side comparison with top-shelf marijuana, the differences are apparent. Good quality cannabis is bright and beautiful. While every strain will have slight variations, the flowers should look like a natural rainbow. Deep purple leaves and bright red hairs. Or golden crystals and a forest of different shades of green. The most important characteristics are the various greens. Cannabis should be green, even if it has other colors layered into it.

Reggie weed, on the other hand, is going to look old. Faded browns and off-putting yellows. If it’s green at all, it’s not going to be bright — Swampy, murky colors with no exciting reds, purples, or yellows.

Other parts will stand out as well in a side-by-side comparison. Reggie weed was very likely improperly handled by someone who didn’t care about preserving the delicate trichomes. The red and golden hairs, which make a nug so beautiful, will have long fallen off. You will also notice there are few if any visible crystals remaining. A premium flower should be coated in snowy resin.

Finally, reggie weed comes from lower-quality strains of cannabis. Picture a field of weed grown by amateurs in poor conditions. These plants are typically scraggly, and the flowers quite loose. No more tightly packed nugs that look like they grew in a ditch in the jungle. You might also find your baggie of grass has a few extras, like the seeds, stems, and fan leaves.

How Potent is Reggie Weed?

bush weed

Let’s be honest, reggie weed has few if any redeeming qualities. It is anything but potent. We can attribute today’s high potency strains to the attention and care of well-established cultivators. People pumping out low-quality reggie weed, packed in bricks, don’t care about producing potency. Today, you can get often get certain strains with upwards of 30 percent THC, but you’ll be sadly disappointed if you find yourself in possession of a nug of reggie instead. You’ll have to smoke quite a bit more low-quality nug to get the same experience.

There is a move to produce weed strains with low THC for a more nuanced high in today’s world. There are also strains with low THC for therapeutic purposes. But don’t get confused with the low potency of regular cannabis. If grown from a poor genetic stalk, packaged improperly, and stored long past its prime, reggie weed is low in all cannabinoids, even the less psychoactive ones.

Cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, and more, have an expiry date. Especially if they haven’t been well cured or packed, the cannabinoid and terpene content will go down quickly. There are much better options in the legal market if you are looking for a low-potency strain.

Why Shouldn’t You Smoke Reggie Weed?

Not only can you enjoy the experience better, but reggie weed may also expose you to some pretty nasty substances. Consider that reggie weed usually appears only in the black market. The black market is filled with untested, or worse yet, failed products. You heard that right; some experts believe that products that fail the mandated lab testing gets merely sold off on the black market.

There are no statistics to back this up, but clearly, people growing and selling reggie strains don’t care about quality. If the crop was infested by mildew or sprayed with harsh pesticides, they probably don’t care. If you smoke these toxins, they travel to the sensitive tissues in your lungs and can cause severe health issues in the future.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from reggie weed. If you suspect you’ve accidentally bought some, throw it out. Your lungs and future self will thank you.

How Can You Tell if You’re Smoking Reggie Weed?

In summary, if you want to know if you are smoking reggie weed, keep a close eye out for the following qualities:

  • Color – Look for bright, vibrant, and fresh pops of color.
  • Nug Details – A top-shelf bud should have a light dusting of crystal and tiny red-hued hairs poking out from in between the leaves.
  • Smell – Does it smell like stale hay, or does it smell like skunk and rich pine forests?
  • Taste – All cannabis should taste clean, with nuanced laid flavors making their way to your palette. If it tastes stale or rotten, best toss it out.

11 responses to “What is Reggie Weed (And Why You Should Not Smoke It)”

  1. Miss says:

    This is about all you get in wa the rip off state. Disgusting disgraceful with no medical value at all and $450 plus per oz gross rip off state hell bent on making everyone either a depressed cripple an alcoholic or a meth addict or maybe a Harry addict

  2. Chals says:

    Brick weed was made by using a trash compactor to make uniform “bricks” of cannabis. No vacuum used.
    Vacuum sealing does have benefits such as preventing oxidation, trichrome damage etc.

  3. Smoked too much says:

    The bud is not dry when it comes out of a vac bag,and yes it actually does preserve the dope because what does mould need to grow?yeahhhhhh

  4. Apple John says:

    Fla is horrible, too. Murderers & rapists do less time than peace-loving hippies. Back in the 70s I once got a YEAR for possession of one skinny little pin-J.

  5. Richard Spank says:

    Let’s not forget, reggie often makes you feel like shit, too.

  6. Ern More says:

    After reading this comment: “Reggie weed wasn’t even an issue until the average quality of cannabis started to improve with legalization.” I realized you either aren’t in touch with the weed world, or recycling another article from someone not educated in growing.

    We have been growing quality for well over 20 years. In Canada.

    Second, brick weed is compacted, as stated by another poster, and can come in many different containers. In the late 80’s we got brick weed, which we labeled all brick weed as Mexican, in Folgers steel coffee cans. They used the steel can because they used hydraulic rams to compact multiple pounds in the small can. When we bought it we would pop it in a steam basket, over a pot of boiling water, to rehydrate it.

  7. Mark babinec says:

    I would not smoke any of that Reggie weed never had any don’t want any

  8. Hector says:

    I live in south Texas . It dependes on who you buy from . I live close to the border and my reggie is excelent . Great smell nugs . Its all who you know.

  9. Mike says:

    This is what we grew up on in the 80s in Southern California. Low grade, seedy weed grown in Mexico, compressed into bricks and smuggled across the border. It was all that was around, for the most part. Really good weed like today’s was very rare. The brick weed definitely got us high, though and it was only $25 for a fat 1/4 lol.

  10. I remember when Reggie was practically the only weed that we were able to get. Sure, we only had to pay $50 a pound but you had to smoke three or four joints to get a mild high. But there was some good choices like Hawaiian and and Alcupulco Gold but you had to know someone who could get it. I remember when I first watched the quintessential weed movie, “Up in Smoke” and I, heard them sing “Alcapulco Gold”and thought that that’s what I should be smoking. The first chance I got I tried it out and I have never looked back. My life got much better. Why on earth would anyone smoke Reggie these days when you have so many good options that are better for you and have allow you to have a much better experience? Unless you are way out in the sticks and that’s the only option you have. Otherwise just smoke good weed because you can have it any way that you want.

  11. Za Je says:

    🖕 Reggie

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