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Delta 8 THC Legal

What Is Delta 8 THC And What Can It Do For You?

Right now, the latest trending cannabis product is delta-8 THC, and that’s because it became legalized federally. The reason behind this chemical compound becoming legalized is because it’s derived from hemp and not the actual cannabis plant.

What is Delta-8 THC? The answer is psychoactive without the negative side effects from delta-9 THC, and because it’s legalized in every state, the demand for it has exploded. Many websites sell hemp and THC oil cartridges with upwards of 95% potency levels. This hemp-derived chemical compound has become the answer for those living in states that are yet to become friendly with their Delta-9 THC laws.

The Delta-8 THC market has exploded with a vast selection of shatter products, vape cartridges, hemp that looks like cannabis, and edibles!

Continue reading to learn more about the effects of this different type of THC cannabinoid. Also, learn where it’s available for sale from reputable sellers that provide proof their Delta-8 THC is clean and free from any pesticides.

This cannabinoid is recommended for inexperienced cannabis smokers because it’s much less intense compared to delta-9 THC. 

Delta-8 THC Vs. Delta-9 THC Cannabinoid 

Delta-8 THC VS Delta-9 THC Cannabinoid 

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Everyone following us at international highlife has heard about THC. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary psychoactive component found in the cannabis plant. The most abundant and popular form being Delta-9 THC. But in recent years, a less abundant analog has become all the rage. This analog is Delta-8 THC. A handful of atomic bonds only differentiates these two analogs, yet the difference between them can be quite important.

First off, Delta-9 THC is the most abundant and powerful compound found in marijuana. It is the reason that consumption of weed gets you stoned. But what about Delta-8? Delta-8 is also a psychoactive compound, but it has some advantages over its cousin Delta-9, and we explain those below.

Less Intense High With Less Side Effects (No Fog Mind)

Delta-8 THC does indeed provide a potent high, but it’s not comparable to the extremely potent THC carts being sold with up to 95% potency. Like CBD, the high is more of a mild body high, with users reporting little to no mental effects. This does not necessarily mean you will not experience any psychological effects. One of the biggest advantages of Delta-8 over Delta-9 is that it contains anti-nausea qualities that have been used to help treat cancer patients with great success.  In fact, in some research studies, Delta-8 was found to stop and even shrink tumors compared to Delta-9, which allowed the cancer cells to continue growing after a week.  Another notable side effect of Delta-8 THC is that the high does not produce the “munchies” the way Delta-9 does. Users report that they experienced slight hunger but never an overwhelming need to eat.

With more research being conducted on cannabis and its compounds, Delta-8 has become a front runner with all of its positive qualities. From medical to recreational, Delta-8 has grown to be considered a viable alternative to Delta-9 THC for those who want the physical benefits without psychological effects. In the medical field, Delta-8 is being looked at as a positive due to its anti-nausea qualities. Specifically for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.  

Anti-Nausea Properties

Patients are often completely crippled from the drug’s strength for those unfamiliar with the intrusively strong chemotherapy treatment. Many patients lose drastic amounts of weight as the treatment can lead to constant nausea and a complete loss of appetite. Some tests have been conducted on Delta-8 THC and its anti-nausea properties.

The results were overwhelmingly positive, with patients reporting almost no nausea and nonexistent psychological effects. Of course, this was under medical professionals’ supervision, and those interested should consult their healthcare providers to discuss individual cases and how they could benefit you.

Pain Reliever 

On the other hand, those interested in Delta-8 THC for recreational purposes will be pleased to learn that many companies within the cannabis industry are beginning to produce Delta-8 concentrated products. While Delta-8 is not known for its psychoactive effects like Delta-9, many users report some mental stimulation. But, Delta-8 is less potent, and the effects are too.  Users can still expect a nice body high with pain relief and appetite stimulation, along with most if not all of the other positives associated with Delta-9. As previously mentioned, Delta-8 is less potent, and so are all of the positives and negatives associated with Delta-9 THC.

No Paranoia 

On the note of negative effects, this is probably where Delta-8 outshines its counterpart. Many users of Delta-9 THC report feelings of paranoia, lack of focus, and the overall inability to participate in social events. Due to its less potent nature, Delta-8 THC almost completely combats these negatives as well as most if not all others you can think of. Users who have experienced paranoia using Delta-9 THC have reported that this is not a problem with Delta-8.  Due to Delta-8 being a less potent head high, users are more easily able to focus.  This is beneficial for those who need pain relief but can not afford to sacrifice focus. On the other hand, this can also be beneficial for social situations.  Allowing users to have all the benefits of THC consumption plus the ability to communicate and socialize with others.

The most popular way to consume Delta-8 THC is through concentrates such as oils and vape cartridges.  While Delta-8 is less abundant within the marijuana plant, it is found in both the Indica and Sativa plant variants.  With Delta-8 growing in popularity, growers are working on new breeds and species with higher concentrations of Delta-8 THC.

THC Delta 8 Dabs Looks Like Thick Water 

What Does THC Delta 8 Dabs Looks Like?

This cannabinoid is transparent without any color and looks like thick water. It’s common to find dabs available with extremely high potency levels of 90% and higher for sale online. 

You may be asking, if Delta-8 is so rare within the cannabis plant, how is it produced? While this is a complex and science-heavy subject, here is a very simplified explanation. There are two main ways to extract Delta-8 THC. It’s either extracted from the plant and through chemical processes of distillation and isolation. While the latter is too complex for an explanation here, the former is relatively straight forward. To produce Delta-8 THC, the cannabis buds are dried then put through a specialized extraction process.  It goes through the Delta-9 compound’s isolation, then the conversion from Delta-9 to Delta-8, and finally refinement. This can be somewhat confusing, and each company has its own way of creating the Delta-8 concentrated product.  

Delta 8 THC Effects

Many people are leaving their feedback through reviews on Youtube of their experiences with the THC delta-8 cannabinoid. The delta-8 cartridges have surged in popularity because they provide an instant high similar to regular delta-9 THC. Not all the cartridges are the same, with some being more smooth than others, some bitter taste has been reported from some brands. 

  • Many people report loving the fact there is no short term memory or foggy brain. 
  • Another huge benefit is there is no laziness felt from it being reported by some people.
  • Increased focus.
  • Calming effect, great for those with anxiety.
  • Boost in energy and mood. 
  • Pain reliever. 
  • Cottonmouth from both vaping cartridges and eating edibles. 

Federally Legal In All 50 States

Lastly, you may be thinking to yourself that there is a catch to Delta-8. And believe it or not, there is not. Delta-8 is or should be legal in all 50 states, and you should be able to find it being sold in smoke and vape stores across your state. How is it legal in states that have not lifted the prohibition of cannabis yet? This is yet another complex topic.  While marijuana may not be legal, the cannabis industry has found a legal loophole that allows for Delta-8 to be considered legal. This is because Delta-8 can be produced from the hemp plant, and most states allow for products produced from hemp to be distributed and sold.  Again, please do our due diligence and check your local and state laws, and/or consult legal counsel to ensure that Delta-8 is indeed legal in your state.  

Price Is Cheaper Than Delta-9 THC

Buying Delta eight THC online can be much cheaper than going to a dispensary that will charge many taxes. This is because they are being produced by massive hemp farms that can produce much lower prices. There are also no cannabis taxes associated with Delta eight THC because it’s derived from hemp. An entire gram typically costs $40-$50 online from a reputable brand. Half gram carts can be seen for sale online at $15 on average. They are slowly becoming available at local smoke shops and commonly found where CBD is sold. 

We recommend buying from reputable brands that provide lab test results that can be verified from license labs. It’s not advised to buy from any company selling Delta eight products without any proof it’s clean and the actual cannabinoid. Many reputable online brands have many reviews available of people sharing their experiences with them on Youtube

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