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Sour Lemon Live Resin Sauce by West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure Live Resin Sauce

Looking for cannabis products that taste great and will get you really high? West Coast Cure is a company that specializes in high-quality concentrates. Based in California, West Coast Cure’s acclaimed genetics manipulation team has bred some of the best concentrates in the country. With iconic strains like Alien Cookies, Dosi Cake, Lemon Punch, Sour Chem, Venom OG, and Wedding Cake available, users can find the perfect concentrate to fit their needs. 

We got our hands on their Sour Lemon option. Its label has an impressive 89.2% cannabinoids, and 74% THC potency. This is a cannabis strain specific, which is sativa dominant genetics. This is a very terpy rich concentrate that leads with a punch of potency soon after. Although this is not a diamond concentrate, there is rock like pieces that resemble it. We paid about $35 after taxes and fees from the Flower company co, a delivery service in the Bay Area.

What Is Live Resin Sauce?

Live Resin Sauce West coast cure

One of West Coast Cure’s specialties is live resin sauce. Live resin is a type of concentrate that is known for its high terpene content. It is made from fresh plant extract and comes in a sticky liquid consistency that is easy to handle. The plant material is frozen immediately, rather than being dried and cured. That means that they have superior flavor and unmatched aromas because the cannabinoids are more intact than they would be with shatter, wax, and other concentrate types. 

Live resin has been skyrocketing in popularity recently for its complex flavor profiles. Connoisseurs who truly care about their concentrate’s taste prefer the unique experience that live resin offers – It’s truly like nothing else on the market. West Coast Cure offers a multitude of live resin sauces, including Venom OG, Jack Herer, and Lemon Punch. 

Dabs Review 3.5/5

Sour Lemon Live Resin Sauce

Dabbing West Coast cure wax is a treat, and highly recommended to fellow stoners. It’s a good budget option, but there are better options available for the same price. The flavor is really tasty, and the high is strong. We give this specific gram of wax experience a 3.5/5. Let us know in the comments your experience dabbing this concentrate. 

THC Wax Flavor

Anyone who is after sativa wax is going to be satisfied with the lemon taste. It’s just a hint but there is also a citrus flavor too. The live resin process really brings out the Sour lemons strains flavors, but does so not overwhelming. 

Live Resin CUREpods

Live resin is not the only product West Coast Cure specializes in. They have recently introduced CUREpods, small vaporizer pods that contain the live resin. Now users can have their favorite live resin concentrates preloaded into easy-to-use vape cartridges. These pods are very affordable and offer bold, unique flavors that will delight your senses. With hybrids that are crossbred from some of the most iconic California strains, you are guaranteed to find the perfect pod to fit your preferred vaping experience. 

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